youngest, toothless

Look who lost her first top tooth this week! The tooth fairy must have been feeling nostalgic right along with mom and dad, because she came TWICE in one night. Kiddo made a cool $2.99 for one tooth.

The teens said the tooth fairy’s getting soft. Too bad that didn’t happen a few years sooner, was the consensus around the breakfast table. Youngest kids. They get all the breaks.


  1. Hah-hah. $2.99 is funny, for some reason.

    • I agree. It’s like an infomercial price or something. Wonder how much of that was in pennies?

  2. Had to laugh, I pay my daughter her spending money every week in quarters. She requested this when she discovered if in dollar bills she spent it but when change–goes in piggy bank easier and stays there.

  3. Your kids would love our tooth fairy.She gives kids $5 a tooth but that is just because the eldest in our family had a huge fear of getting his teeth pulled so he never wiggled his loose teeth and they ended up becoming secure again and had to be pulled out by the dentist since the other teeth were coming up behind them. When the bill came for the first extraction the tooth fairy took to a $5 reward for every tooth extracted naturally and $0 for everyone the dentist removed. Have not had to pay an extraction bill again!

  4. Adam our 15yo gets his wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Our tooth fairy has been known to leave a beautiful plant with tiny pink flowers, light sabers, itunes cards, cash, coins, whatever she finds on hand sometimes! She’s really cool that way. But wisdom teeth…and having to get them cut out? She’s going to have to come up with something super special tomorrow. And in a few months our oldest dd will have 5 teeth pulled. Hope our tooth fairy knows the lucky charms guy!

  5. At least the TF didn’t forget. Tonight will be take 3. Maybe I should put it under MY pillow? Maybe she’d find it there?