House Whimsy

Here are some adorable home details I’ve pinned on pinterest lately.

Love these bedroom colors!



Great bunk bed in a small space for multiple children.


Shower whimsy



Sweet doorway!

Source: via Mary on Pinterest


Best laundry chute ever

Source: via Mary on Pinterest


Love these crazy shelves!  I think I secretly want to live in a hobbit house.


Possibly the best patio ever.


Love the rustic floors and doors.

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Here’s my Pinterest page if you want to see more of what’s caught my eye lately. 🙂


  1. The bedroom in that first picture? WANT.

  2. LOVE the shower pail!

  3. What, only two comments on this? I love your rustic and whimsical taste! I would love a hand built adobe or wattle and daub house like these pictured, and for sure that IS the best laundry shoot ever. I’m looking to move to a new place, so my imagination is full of decorating “what ifs”!