Giveaway: Hurry Less, Worry Less for Moms

In  Hurry Less, Worry Less for Moms Judy Christie sets out to offer moms hope, inspiration, practical ideas and reminders of how important they are. Each chapter offers “Mom’s Thoughts” to remind you that you’re not alone, and “Mom’s Quiet Corner” for a moment of prayer.  There’s a study guide at the end of the book to be used on your own or with friends. I’m offering a copy of this book to be given away on Tuesday.  To enter to win the book, comment below and tell me what kinds of things help you win the battle over hurry and worry.

When worry gets the best of me, I often fall back on my mom’s favorite perspective-gaining question, “Does it affect my salvation?” Almost always whatever’s on my mind isn’t that important.  And if on occasion it is a spiritual issue (usually related to a child) then that question also reminds me where to lay that worry– not on myself, but on the God who loves my loved ones even more than I do.

How about you?  How do you battle hurry and worry?



  1. This book was totally meant for me. When our oldest daughter was 4 she had open heart surgery, and now the doctor is saying a second surgery will be needed, a question of when, not if. She just turned 7. We are praying for healing. But when I am tired or unsuspecting, the worry creeps in….

  2. Like Kristy, have a teenage daughter that had a cancer diagnosis when a baby and wasn’t expected to live. Praise God she is a thriving and loveable teenager now because of all the prayers.
    When worry attacks me, I just have to look at her and remember all the good God has done for us and will continue to do.
    And as far as hurrying, making a huge life change so that I can slow down my life even more by moving into a house free and clear (smaller) but mine and no money worries about housing.
    Please don’t put me in the drawing for this book, am cleaning out my house and selling on garage sale over 3,000 titles!! Am committing to not bringing another book into our home library for at least a year.

  3. I’m recently learning it can be as simple as trusting God and moving ahead with the next doable step. Just trusting that he’s got it all covered and I don’t have to.

  4. Quote scripture!

  5. I beat it through Christ with prayer, but some days I have to pray continually! 😉

  6. Always. Sometimes money related, sometimes trying to hold myself to too high of a standard! Whenever I try to match someone else’s standards, the worry and stress find me.
    I just try to remember that having a picture-perfect life doesn’t matter as long as my kids are happy and healthy.

  7. I try to calm down and remember that hurry and worry are the worst things to model to the kids.
    Sometimes sitting down to read a few pages of a book help regain perspective.

  8. When I feel like things are closing in …. i’m not moving fast enough …. Or life is getting scarey …. i tell myself, “GOD already knows this. HE knew what today would bring and HE still has control.”

  9. Of course faith, and middle of the night prayers…. but, lately I have come up with the motto… “Will this matter in a day? a week? a month? a year?” It helps me keep things in perspective and helps me to only spend a lot of thought and “brain space” on the big stuff!

  10. I tell my husband what I’m worrying about. if I keep it to myself I begin concocting worse case scenarios in my head. If I tell him he helps me see reality.

  11. I’m not much of a worrier, but when I do, I turn to my husband who reminds me we need to pray and turn to our Bible for answers.

  12. In the midst of the daily stress and hurry I like to stop what I’m doing and take my little ones on a walk outside. This really helps me keep things in perspective throughout the day.

    • I second that… getting away from the dishes, laundry, computer and into God’s creation helps me to change the pace as well as any negative thinking.

  13. Oh I battle every day! Since the birth of our 5th child I’ve determined to slow down and enjoy the kids more. It’s a concerted effort, one that requires daily discipline. I try to remember that these days won’t be around forever and I don’t want to regret being so busy that all I did was wish the kids would hurry and grow up.

  14. I try to stop and count my blessings

  15. Kristina B says:

    God and His peace that surpasses all understanding is all I can think of when worries start to creep in, prayer is essential in getting stress and worry under control.

  16. I love it that your mom’s encouraging words were the exact ones my mom shares with me! In fact, when I am concerned about one of my kids, she often asks, “Does it affect his/her salvation?” And whenever we would rush thru a chore when we were kids she had this silly line she would say with a twinkle in her eye., “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get!” That was her fun way of reminding us that if we didn’t do a job well, we would have to do it over and it would take longer than if we had just done it right the first time. I often remind myself of this when I end up in a hurry.

  17. Worrying means I don’t trust God. Oh, that I would trust Him more.

  18. I need this book……what really helps me in the time of stress is singing “The Joy of the Lord is my strength”

  19. When I short myself on sleep, I feel stressed; when I feel stressed, I feel frantic; and when I feel frantic, I make it a point to go to bed. I win the battle via sleep. Also, is there a way to give worry over to God and not take it back? Because I haven’t managed it yet, and oh, I would dearly love to find that answer.

  20. This is a struggle for me….worry is one of the best ways for the enemy to creep in. The best way to combat it is to study and memorize scripture.

  21. Funny I should read this now… 😉 Shutting out any and all “noise” that causes me to become irritated, hurt, confused, overwhelmed, hurried, burdened, sad, depressed, disconnected, saps my creativity, and steals time away from God…these things I chose to leave behind just yesterday. Sure, I’ve wanted (tried) to leave them behind before, but this time I’m giving them the “what for.” I’ve had it with strongholds and tag tag-alongs. I’m ready to breathe. I started with cutting WAY BACK on Facebook. I’m making it a point to be fully engaged in what is truly important. God. Family…yeah, even myself. This will take practice, but I can “hear” so much better with the “noise” turned down.

    I love you, sweet friend.

  22. Caroline says:

    Adopting our SN almost two year old daughter 4 years ago (our 8th child). Thinking that she had a minor correctable special need that we could handle, no multiple trips to the Childrens Hospital in Seattle. We could never deal with that with 7 children and living on an island with only limited ferry service. After many months of bringing home a very sick child from China, many , many trips to the hospital we found out that our beautiful, sweet daughter,had a life long rare disease. At first I was in denial, shocked, how could we do it? I felt so lonely at times home with her sick or alone at the hospital with my other kids home. Yet, over time I learned to lean on God, I sit outside, go for walks , see HIM in the clouds, the mountains, the water around out lttle island. I leaned on God and learned much more about patience while caring for my daugther that cried about 80% of the day for the first year or two. She had such a hard time with the adoption, she was so sad, so sick, in so much pain. Now four years later I see her as a gift from God. She has changed my life and really taught me to lean on HIM and trust HIM. She is now the most happy, out going, friendly little girl. We now manage her disease the best we can. We know that she was a gift from God and taught us so much…she was meant to be. When I look at her at times I see the face of an angel.

  23. I missed the giveaway but I still wanted to share. I worry about all thing money related. I grew up with relatively little money and I’ve stayed home with the kids for years. My husband doesn’t make a big income and I stretch it every way I know how. Through circumstances beyond my control God has blessed us and allowed us to get out of debt. Huge, huge blessing from God. Yet I still fret at times because this is the way Satan uses to attack me. When it happens I breathe deeply, say over and over that all things are God’s and put on some music that distracts the thoughts. Then I try and think of something to do for someone else, whether it’s my kids, or encouraging other moms online and through my blog. In a few minutes, things look better and I’m back with the Father.


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