I’m an INTJ. You?



Do you like taking personality tests?  I love them, which, it turns out, is pretty normal for my Myers-Briggs personality type.  Here’s a fairly quick test you can take if you’re curious what type you are.

Once you know your own type, it’s also kind of fun to find out what types various famous people are.  The other night, in the middle of watching the final season of 24, I had to pause to google what Jack Bauer’s personality type is.  (He’s an ISTP, if you care.)

I also have been harassing my family members by asking them take the test.  It is an interesting way to understand them a bit better, I think.  Turns out my hubby is  an ISTJ — I think we balance each other out pretty well.

If you decide to take the test  (there are many others online too– that one just happens to be free and fairly brief)  I’d love to hear what type you are too!

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  1. I’m an ENFJ.

  2. I am an ESFJ…but I think I used to be an ENFJ…I really thought I had an “N” in there when I’ve done the test in the past. And when I read both, both sound very accurate. What I found interesting is how I am less “e” right now (with 4 young kids) then I have been in the past. I could tell just by answering the questions. There are times that I really do just crave alone time now more then ever! 🙂 It’d be interesting to see how that changes as the kids get older.

    • That makes sense, Tina– kids definitely take a lot of interaction– especially if they themselves are extroverts. I enjoy interaction to a certain degree—and my biggest extrovert kid is a hoot and a half to listen to!! But I definitely need a bit of time each day to be quiet and just in my own head. I find I stay up late almost every night just to get that time to myself.

  3. I’m an ISFJ. Had a lot of fun doing the test. 🙂

  4. Melissa says:

    I love Myers Briggs! I am currently an ISFJ… when I started college, I was an ISTJ (and computer scientist. ) I’ve seen the change in myself the past 7 years, and now I’m a teacher… a common ISFJ career!

  5. Mary @ Parenthood says:

    ESFJ But I’ve taken many variants on this and the only consistency is the E and the J. The other two change depending on my mood etc. I gather I’m pretty close to even on my responses for those.

    My extroversion isn’t always immediately obvious to those who first meet me though, since I can be very shy. Sigh.

  6. Amber Howard-McGinnis says:

    I think it’s fun to take personality tests–so interesting! I’m an INFP.

  7. Coffee mom says:

    INFJ. interesting……

  8. I came out the same as you – INTJ – I don’t know if that is right I did dither over several questions – why don’t they have a not sure button?!

  9. I’m an INFP. I have a book that talks about what these all mean in a lot of detail and when I read through my description and the things that it said about me which were right on it explained a lot about even the struggles that I’ve been having post-adoption. It was kinda crazy! I’ve been meaning to do a post about it and haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    • Jamey, I can relate. I’m not naturally as emotive as some other folks, and I think that has at times added to the challenge of building bonds with older-adopted kids. I’ve learned that to work on connecting I need to lay a LOT more emotion ‘out there’ than is natural for me, esp with one of the girls who is WAY more emotive than I am. It has definitely been a stretching/growing thing.

      My problem-solving personality also has me constantly wanting to make SENSE of behavior– I try to figure out a logical reason WHY a kid is acting a certain way. But wounded kids DON’T make sense half the time, as a function of their woundedness….leaves me spinning my wheels sometimes….

      What is the name of the book you mentioned?

  10. INFJ Hmmm. Interesting.

  11. ISFJ — This description (http://www.personalitypage.com/html/ISFJ.html) seems right to me. Though it seems like I get a different answer everytime I take this quiz..,lol 🙂

  12. I guess I’m an INTJ, too! Fancy that. 🙂

  13. I also come out INTJ. I love personality categories and finding the ways that different people respond in certain situations.
    I recently heard that most pastors are INTJ personality types, or something very close to that combo. Interesting!

  14. still istj. 🙂

  15. Elizabeth says:

    I am ENFJ. My family is 80% N, which is inverse to the population as a whole (well, estimates differ, but I think it’s David Kiersey who estimates that only 20% of the population is N). It makes my life interesting! Our family always seems to be a bit different from others, but life is always interesting that way. 😉

  16. Another INTJ here. Which I think is kind of funny since we’re supposed to be a “rare” type. I wonder if INTJs are over-represented in Blog Land?

  17. ISFJ, seems pretty true.

  18. INTJ too. I took the full test in confirmation class (so I was younger than 16) and it was INTJ which my teacher said was rare and his wife was also INTJ.

  19. INTJ-“Good at exhibiting a sarcastic wit with a poker face.”

  20. ISFP. Hmm. Last time I took this I was ENFP. It’s good that I’m consistent with FP at least 😉 And I always get moderate however I score on the E/I continuum.

  21. My 24 yr old son and I took this a couple months ago. I am an ESFP, which is the “Performer.” Also called “Most Generous.” Reading through the explanation of the type was an eye opener for me. It actually helped me to understand some of the things I do!! And besides, being an ESFP is so downright fun!!!!!

  22. Wow. It’s a little unnerving just how spot-on the INFJ description was of me! I read through some of the other similar types (ISFJ, INFP, ENFP) and found some things that are true of me, but overall INFJ seems to be it. I do wonder how the answer might change at various times of the month though… 😉

    This was fun and very eye opening. Thanks, Mary!

  23. That particular test told me I am ESFJ but when I took an actual Meyers Brigg Personality Test at work a few years ago, i was an ENTP. Hmmm…Have I changed?

  24. Turns out I’m an INTJ, too – and a scientist (and blogger). It is fascinating how many of the comments here are from this “rare” type!

    • I’m guessing it’s disproportionate partly because INTJ’s are suckers for this type of test– we’re always trying to make sense of ourselves and others. Some other personality types won’t touch these tests with a 10 foot pole. 😉


      • Probably a bit of self-selection in the kinds of people who enjoying “connecting” and sharing ideas through family blogs, too! I see lots of “IN”‘s here.
        I did search out a kids’ version of meyers-briggs, and learned that kids under about 14 are usually only scored on I/E, N/S and J/P. Apparently the T/F takes a while to settle, which makes sense.

  25. Interesting. I knew I liked you – and many of your commenters. I’m an INTJ, too. 🙂

  26. Sherry Lynn says:

    Took the test to find I am a ENFJ. The TRADEMARK section of my page pegged me at work EXACTLY! I know I have that tendency (open door policy) and initally thought it was a good thing, but I have to recognize that it can be a less-than good thing, too. Thanks for posting this as it was good for me to reflect on and try to understand myself a little better. May use this at work this summer as a quick and easy test for the people I supervise.

  27. ESFJ – seems about right, too! In the long description is takes about warring within. No wonder I’m so indecisive. 🙂

  28. I’m an INFJ.

    My husband has taken the Myers-Briggs both at home and at work. At home he tests as an “I,” but at work he tests as an “E.” Pretty cool!

  29. Heather Wawa says:


  30. ISFJ on that test but the descriptions I read don’t sound right… The “I” bit is definitely right…

  31. ISFJ – to which my husband says, “Sounds like you!” 🙂

  32. ENTJ – very close to you Mary, just an extrovert instead. And I agree that our personality type loves test like these. The only attribute that I would say I don’t have is Argumentative…but then it sounds argumentative to say that, doesn’t it?

  33. I am an ENFP through and through and through. I’ve learned so much about myself through this test in the past- so interesting!


  34. It’s such an interesting test. I’ve taken various forms of the test many times over the years. I’m an INFJ, rarest of all the types… but you already know I’m odd, right? he he. My “J” is usually weakest, and on a short version once I even came up barely a “P”, but the INFJ definitely fits very well.
    The favorite statement I’ve ever seen on a Meyers-Briggs was one that came at the very end of a very long version of the test. It said, “I would have liked to have argued the meaning of many of the questions on this test.” I filled in “YES” with gusto!!

  35. I am an ISTJ

  36. Amy Snell says:

    ENFJ…I took this test in high school and got ENFJ even back then. I have changed SO much since then, but apparently not as much as I THOUGHT I had! The Lord has made me who I am!


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