Recipes I want to try

I write this type of post so I can remember what’s caught my eye lately food-wise. Gluten free cooking has been on my mind even more lately– another one of my sisters went gluten free after her doctor recommended it due to thyroid issues. That makes 3 sisters plus my mom. Yikes. I’ve been figuring less wheat is probably better for me too and have had my eyes open for a variety of healthy gluten free options.  Here are a few things I’ve bookmarked recently.


Sweet potato veggie burgers

Coconut flour pizza crust

Award winning chili

Kale chips


  1. Browsing through Eat Well, Eat Raw cookbook and there are so many recipes in there that look absolutely fabulous. And healthy to boot–what could be better.

  2. The chilli link is instead taking me to the kale chip page

  3. Hi Mary,
    If you want to know for sure whether you should avoid gluten, there is an easy blood test which shows if you carry the gene for celiac disease. My husband was thrilled to find he only carries half the gene, which gives him slight hope that he’ll be able to consume some gluten in the future after his body heals from Lyme disease.
    Also, his testing let his parents know that one of them was a carrier of the celiac gene and they’ve since been tested as well.

  4. grangramma says:

    My husband was told he is prediabetic so we are doing the Paleo diet. It is awesome. We feel so much better. I just told him today after seeing a picture of his brother who is 13 years younger than him that he looks sooo much younger than him. I think it is because we have always tried to eat right and get exercise. His brother has very bad eating habits.

  5. You’ll love kale chips! They are a staple at our house and get gobbled up immediately no matter how many I make. It is pretty much the only way I use kale. 🙂