Dress from a t-shirt

Awhile back I spotted a turquoise and grey striped t-shirt at the thrift store.  Anything turquoise always catches my eye– it’s one of my favorite colors.  And this extra-large shirt was so soft and cozy that I decided it really needed to be a future sewing project.  It sat for awhile as I decided what to do with it.  But when I saw this adorable tshirt-to-dress tutorial, I knew I wanted to give it a shot.

First, off with the arms.  Then I trimmed off the collar and cut a bit more off the top so the armholes wouldn’t be too deep.   Next came a narrow hem at each armhole.

I made the neckline of my dress more simple than shown in the tutorial– I just hemmed the top edge with a wide hem and tunneled a  piece of fold-over elastic through it, cutting it long enough to make a bow.  You could also use ribbon, but the elastic makes the neckline nice and stretchy which is good for play.  My daughter loves the fluffy fabric/button embellishment I added onto the front and has worn two out of the last four days.  With shorts it is a cool and comfy play dress. I think it’s a hit.



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  1. That is darling – you are so clever! 🙂

  2. Adorable.
    Another recylced project is using old and too small clothing pieces and making aprons. Kids love seeing their old shirt or pants repurposed into something that will last forever. Giving these for Christmas gifts this year.

  3. Love it! Sooo cute!

  4. Not nearly as cute as the kid, but I like it. –Elaine

  5. Really cute and what a great idea!