Monday tidbits: adoption and orphan care


The winner of the book Not Just Tacos is commenter # 4 Stacy.

I’m really excited to be hosting an event in August to hear Levi and Jessie Benkert talk about the great new project they’ve begun in Ethiopia, where they pair widows and orphans into families.  This post show their very first mother-baby pair.  Look at that mama’s face as she looks at her new child– loveliness!  These women are committing to legally adopt these orphans, with Benkert’s organization Bring Love In making it financially possible.  Exciting, exciting work they’re doing!  If you live in the Boise area, contact me via email and I will wrangle you an invitation to attend the event on August 8th.  For other cities that they will be stopping at, see their summer tour page.  Not everyone can adopt a child.  But this is a way that almost anyone can minister to widows and orphans.

I also happened across several good posts recently related to parenting adopted kids.  These are very worth reading, especially if you find yourself parenting a child with challenges.

 I Broke the Baby describes mothering a child who has difficulty self-regulating.

Not Easy  speaks of the life-altering focus-change we experience as we do the hard work of parenting.

A Father’s Adoption Journey– is a wonderful description of an adoption written from the perspective of a dad who didn’t start out expecting that adoption would be right for his family.


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  1. Love it! We support a similar ministry in Rwanda (ERM Rwanda) that pairs orphans with widows. He puts the lonely in families!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing these links! Looks like I have some reading ahead of me! (good thing it’s on two of my favourite subjects!)

  3. David BG says:

    Have you done any publicity on your blog regarding the Adoption Credit expiration this year (2012)? Just wondered. Could be a way to draw attention to it for the sake of future adoptions, to get folks who read your blog to contact their Congress reps. Thanks for considering,