Weekend plans? Dessert, mainly

The winner of the T-fal Actifry giveaway is commenter # 42, Cathy.  I’ve also chosen a winner for the Crazy Consequences post– Sophie posted MANY good ideas and was the obvious choice there.  Be sure to check out the comments in that post if you haven’t already– there are lots of good ideas now!  And both of you gals, send me your snail mail addresses and I will get your winnings headed your way!


This week finds us scurrying to get ready for a big shindig at our house.  This weekend we’re celebrating most of this month’s happenings–  2 graduations, a baptism, 3 confirmations and a birthday–all in one grand barbecue at our house.  So of course we’re weeding flowerbeds, trimming grass, painting the scuffed hallway, and doing any number of other little cleanups that I’ve been meaning to accomplish for awhile but need the inspiration of a party to actually do. I even got the wild idea to clean out the garage today, which now looks so much improved that I wonder why on earth I waited so long.

Things are coming together rather well, with my one point of despair being our back yard.  Our dog is a digger and has cratered various ankle-twisting holes all over the yard, which we fill, and then she happily digs out again.  I don’t quite have the heart to sentence the dog to her pen for all the unattended hours of her life, so the digging continues.  Most days it bothers me only a little.  But when company is coming, I begin to regret my general lack of concern for the grass. Too late to fix that now, though. Ah well.

Of greater interest to me than grass– always– is food.  Party food in particular.  Last week I found ground beef at Wal-Mart for the screamin’ good price of $1.57/lb hamburger.  I bought 50 pounds, half of which we immediately transformed into dozens and dozens of hamburger patties.  Some we’ll serve at the party, and others will stay in the freezer to use for Sunday dinner barbecues all summer long.  We made other portions of the ground beef  into meatloaf and meatballs, and also browned many pounds for the beginnings of easy meals all summer long.  I LOVE finding bargains that good.

Other party food ideas include a variety of dessert options that I’m planning to make in half-pint canning jars. I was inspired by a really fun book that I just received in the mail to review, aptly called– you guessed it–Desserts in Jars: 50 Sweet Treats that Shine.    The recipe I am most eager to try from the book is a flourless chocolate cupcake that looks amazingly rich and delicious. And good news– I have a copy of this book to give away to one of you!  Are you in the mood for dessert?  If so, just comment below and tell me your plans for the weekend.  I’ll pick a winner on Monday, or maybe Tuesday.  Might take us awhile to recover from all that dessert!



  1. jade baker says:

    Cleaning the garage!! 🙂 And it’s long overdue…

  2. Next time the dog digs, put some of her droppings in the hole before you refill with dirt. She won’t dig there again.

  3. Survive until my husband gets back from a wedding in Florida. Sigh.

  4. The plan.
    Is the best plan.
    It is to have no plan.
    Other than to appreciate what is.

  5. Our 20 year old is making an 8 hour trip home for the weekend from the ranch where she is working a summer internship. We will celebrate Memorial day with her on Saturday with the grandparents since she will be driving back to NC on Monday. To ease the pain of loosing her all over again we are going to a local state park with friends from church to grill, swim, canoe and fish!

  6. Church garage sale

  7. This weekend, 2 of my boys are in a karate tournament and one more is sad to miss out with a broken hand:(( All 10 of us will head out to watch and support the boys. Then on Sunday afternoon, we are hosting the youth group that is going to Uganda in July — my oldest boy will be going on this trip too. Sunday evening, 2 boys have a bbq dinner at their small group leader’s home, followed by a Christian concert that he is taking them to! Awesome weekend! And I would LOVE to win this book :))

  8. Bethany says:

    Shhh…don’t tell them, but I’m driving from Ohio to Oklahoma tomorrow, surprising my parents by showing up a day earlier than originally planned. 🙂 And then staying a week. Yippee!!

  9. I’m planning to work this weekend, which basically describes most of my weekends lately. When I will not be working, I’ll be continuing with wedding planning, and attending church on Sunday (which will be the first time in a few weeks that my work schedule has allowed me to do so). Have fun with your multi-event celebration!

  10. We have a busy weekend of baseball and soccer games as well as our villages tag and garage sales (Memorial Day Tradition). My Oldest is starting his very first job this weekend and we are hoping to get a hike and maybe some canoeing in. Monday will bring a couple of local Parades and a Chicken BBQ at the VFW (love little towns!). All in all a great weekend.

  11. Melissa says:

    My baby is due on Sunday. I am past the point of making plans. But if baby holds off through the weekend, I’m hoping to get a few more projects done around the house and to rest while I can.

  12. Barbara says:

    I’m going on a bus trip to see my dad. Haven’t seen him since last fall.

  13. We are jumping in the lake and then the pool

  14. I will be spending the weekend hanging out with my husband and our kids. Our only plans are church and a little gardening. My husband is deploying in 2 weeks, so any remaining family time is precious!

  15. we have a busy weekend, my parents are coming and we are going to see a school play, then soccer and a bbq after. Sunday I hope is a lazy day but anything can happen.

  16. Melanie says:

    yardwork if it stops raining long enough!

  17. Family reunion, to which I’m supposed to bring (you guessed it) dessert! And work on Monday ….

  18. Just hanging out with my family and celebrating the end of exams for my teenage boys! We will visit my in-laws at their lake house, enjoy some swimming and some cooking out.

  19. Suerene says:

    No big plans just spending time with my hubby and two boys and of course my church family

  20. change of clothes in the closets, the heat is beginning to be felt!

  21. My husband is working, the joys of being married to a restaurant manager! I’m planning to do some yardsaling and gardening!

  22. Melissa says:

    I am planning to be with my kids (my husband is starting a long stretch of shifts this weekend), going to a baby shower and trying to convince my in-laws to come to a free symphony/fireworks event.

  23. We have a 2 day soccer tournament this weekend, but I am truly looking forward to Monday – a blissful day of rest!

  24. meaghan says:

    Finishing up wedding details…getting married next weekend!


  25. Brenda Langlie says:

    We had a foster dog for the past year. He did a real number on our back lawn, as well. We’ve found that digging up a chunk of sod from somewhere else does a masterful job of leveling the hole and quickly restoring the grass. Our “patches” have come from flower beds and the edge of the driveway. But maybe you have grass somewhere else that you care LESS about than the backyard… Just a thought. Have a lovely weekend!

  26. We plan on adding to our veggie garden. It’s the first year we’ll have more than a few veggie plants going. The kids are so excited…and so am I of course. 🙂

  27. Work, church, working in the yard, and BBQing! Good times 🙂

  28. Remembering my bro-in-law, killed in Iraq in 2005. It was Thanksgiving day and also his mother’s birthday. He had just turned 21.

    • Dear L,
      I am so sorry for your family’s loss, and grateful for the soldiers who choose to serve our country. Blessings and peace go with your family this weekend.

  29. A weekend to visit family and friends, including our host who makes the best homemade hot fudge sauce ever.

  30. We are heading off on our family vacation on Saturday. We decided to forego the beach this year and head to Washington, D.C. It will be the first time in D.C. for the kids. Looking forward to some good quality (and quantity) family time.

    Dessert is my favorite part of any meal. And I just bought some small Mason jars for so many recipes and projects I’ve seen recently.

  31. dog sitting a golden retriever for my friends who will be out of town… I’m sooo excited, I love big dogs!

  32. Taking the kids to the beach. Will be our first time since our youngest was born 7 weeks ago. Sure to be an adventure!

  33. Pam Olsen says:

    Hanging out with our grandchildren and the rest of the family!! Menu, time and place tbd, but I think we will try out one of the cupcakes in a jar recipes!

  34. I have an appointment at the spa! My Mother’s Day gift is a 30 minute massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure. We might also go to the zoo this weekend!

  35. On the list for my weekend: Farmer’s market, housecleaning, sorting through boxes in the garage.

    I’ve been making the switch from plastic to glass and bought a bunch of mason jars in various sizes for food storage. Desserts in a Jar sounds interesting…

  36. Julie R says:

    Tomorrow is the last day of school – so celebratory ice cream tomorrow evening. Then – a graduation open house on Saturday. Laying low on Sunday because the traffic will be TERRIBLE since there is a certain event going on in my city that has to do with cars going around in an oval. Not sure we will even make it to church. Monday means COOKOUT!

    I’ve seen a couple recipes for desserts in a jar that I want to try! — I’m on the lookout for jars at garage sales this summer!

  37. Kelly C says:

    Paintball in the morning for the boys and cleaning out the garage for the rest of the day!

  38. Hopefully helping my son adjust to his new cast to be put on his broken arm tomorrow. Thankfully this is our first time to do this, and hopefully our last. Oh and celebrating one of my last 30 something birthdays left. Hope your dessert is as lovely as your blog. Thanks for posting a happy spot in my day.

  39. Hopefully, we’ll be enjoying a visit from my brothers, sisters and parents as well as getting some yard work done! Blessings!

  40. Chrystal says:

    My husband has a business dinner out-of-town on Saturday, but the rest of the holiday weekend will be all for family. Yay!

  41. Going to the zoo on Sat!

  42. Strawberry shortcake hopefully on sunday. Girls night out
    Wedding shower

  43. We will be picking up my Mother-in-law at the airport on Saturday. My Mom arrive last Monday. On Sunday we will be having our baby’s dedication in our morning worship service. His name is Andon Josiah and he is seven months old. He is our fourth little one. After that we will enjoy a picnic lunch with our church family and then some of my mother’s amazing cake to celebrate!

  44. I’m hanging out with friends this weekend.

  45. Just trying to take day by day . . . . hopefully do something fun that involves outside

  46. Family fun!

  47. Finish getting cows to pasture, followed by church on Sunday. We always go to the Memorial Day services too; something about the flags whipping in the wind and the playing of Taps moves me to tears when I look at my 3 sons and think of all of the mothers who lost their boys in service. Thank you military families!

  48. Sandwich in Wi says:

    Work, camping with friends, gardening, a meeting, church, Memorial Day celebration at the cemetary and a picnic. It will be a full weekend!

    Have a great party!


  49. We are hosting a big BBQ on Monday for our oldest daughter and her friends who are graduating from HS! Hoping the weather will cooperate.

  50. Kari J. says:

    Not sure what the plan is for this weekend — most likely a little yard work, more pricing of stuff for a garage sale next weekend, church on Sunday & hopefully a cookout somewhere in the mix.

    BTW, dessert is my favorite food group. 🙂 This book looks like so much fun. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

    Also, I agree with Brenda Langlie — we’ve frequently dug sod from other areas of our yard to patch more noticeable places. More work, but less worry of a turned ankle for your guests. We had a digging dog years ago, then the ground froze for several months during winter. Apparently he forgot digging was his fave pastime once spring & the thawed ground returned. Crazy dogs. 🙂