New paint for a bedroom

Way back in 2006, the downstairs corner bedroom was pink and little-girlish.  After our older girls, now 14 and 16, had lived in the room a couple years, they asked about repainting the room in a different color.  I said sure– I’m always up for a change.  But getting sisters to agree on things can be challenging, and for many months the project was put off.

Finally recently they came to me saying that they’d decided on lime green.  Half an hour on Pinterest to clarify what they liked, and off to the store we went.  They chose a nice bright lime green with deep purple as an accent color.  Once home we spread out our newspaper and went to work. The girls had never painted before but they turned out to be quite good at it.  In fact they are far more patient with painting trim than I am.

(Click on any pictures to enlarge.) One of the dressers  got a fresh coat of purple paint on its body.  I have a special place in my heart for this little dresser.  We bought it at a thrift store when I was pregnant with our first daughter, and it has been multiple colors and has lived in all our kids’ bedrooms at various points over the years.  Definitely a long-lived dresser.

Once the painting was done, I dug through my fabric stash and found a purple and green floral with berries that, trimmed out with a green remnant, made fun curtains and pillowcases.

This last picture looks towards the girls’ beds.  John made them these high platform beds a few years back to give them a zone that was out of the reach of little sisters.  It is also high enough that a dresser and a bookshelf fit underneath, which gives the room a little more floor space.   They love sleeping up high.

I still plan to cover their bedspreads with new duvet covers made from twin sheets, since the bedspreads are a little pale for the vibrant new room color.  We also still need to freshen up the white baseboards and doors in the room.  But all three of us are pleased with the way it turned out.  I’m delighted that the girls were able to do such a major portion of the job themselves, and I find myself drifting into the room more often than usual just to enjoy our lovely transformation.




  1. grangramma says:

    We have a lime green spare bedroom. I also made one of those hanging lamps from a paper lantern and decorated with coffee filters. It is bright white and looks awesome in the corner of the room.

  2. supermom_laura says:

    Looks like lots of college dorm set-ups. NICE and roomy