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Sometimes the real, the very best core of life gets lost amid the stuff to clean and the to-do’s to check off and the errands to run and the things to buy and the appointments to keep.  There’s hurry scurrying and there’s doing and things are always happening.  But it’s not the real stuff, the best stuff, the stuff that makes children feel treasured and motherhood a joy.  And that’s when you have to take a deep breath and release the stuff, yes, let it fall to the floor in a disordered heap. Yes, walk right past 5 or 10 or 15  other things that need to be done.

Instead grab your kids and a pile of books and maybe a deck of cards.  Go and curl folks snug in the nest of pillows in the middle of your bed.  And read and play cards and joke and laugh and point at pictures and ask their opinion, and beat them at cards and get beat at cards and make your own rules to the game.  Because that’s what you’re doing just now in these moments, making new rules, and adding new bits to your story, moments that are better.  And there’s the real, right there in your grasp after all.


  1. Visiting from the Five Minute Friday. I am afraid in my busyness that I’ve allowed “real” moments to slip through my fingers. I want to be intentional in slowing down so that those moments do not pass me by!

  2. Yes, me too – allowing the stresses of life to miss precious real moments . . . beautifully written!

  3. Yes! Letting go of all those pressing tasks just to enjoy the life and little ones God has given is so much more important. The relationships are what makes life real. Thank you for the sweet reminder to leave the mess.

  4. Thanks – this has been an extreme week here. I am headed off to homeschool convention today – wishing you were going to be here (OKC) again this year. Thanks for your always encouraging words.

  5. This is so real – I remember all the wrestling matches I lost with my boys… All the giggles and messes. Great memories and creating more now with my grandangels 🙂

  6. Love the time during storms when we curl up with the quilts and read or tell silly jokes.
    We all need to stop and smell the roses — no one who is dying wished they worked more!!!!!!!!

  7. The only thing this has to do with this post is that it is a way to spend precious moments with your kids or grandkids. There are probably hundreds if not thousands of easy recipes out there, this just happens to be the one making the rounds at our hospital right now. Friend made with spice cake mix and butterscotch chips!
    1 pkg cake mix (any kind)
    2 eggs
    1/3 cup veg oil
    1 pkg baking chips (any kind)
    Mix, batter will be stiff, roll into 1 inch ball and put onto lightly greased cookie sheet. the dough flattens itself while baking.
    These are fabulous tasting and easy for kids to do.