Worth reading

Here are some highlights from blogs I’ve read recently.

Seven Strategies for Dinner with Barbarians— (aka children) Excellent child-civilizing hints here.
Society’s Best-Respected Sin-a good reminder of the importance of balance in life
Lessons from the Community of Disability–my fave insight: “conforming them into the image of my son…”
Privileges for Teens from Hard Places — It can be incredibly hard to decide which privileges can be granted to a teen whose behavior doesn’t seem to warrant any.
Praying in Blessings – This post reminds me of the time my daughter wished we had chopsticks to use at dinner sometimes.  We were going yard-sale-shopping that morning, and on impulse I prayed aloud with her, for chopstick.  Guess what we found at the very first yard sale?  Yep.  Six pairs, enough for our whole family at that time.


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  1. I am also really enjoying the posts she’s had about reclaiming dinner at like mother like daughter…Seven Strategies fo Dinner with Barbarians! Your blog is an encouragement to me we are working on adoption #3 or 3&4 depends on what the Lord Brings an individual child or a sibling group. We also grew slowly and we are now at 5. What a blessing the journey has been. Thanks for your help along the way.