Teeny tiny marshmallow roast

Veggie Tales Winner: Tina
Quite a few years ago when our older daughter were having friends over for a sleepover one night, we hit upon the idea of having a tiny marshmallow roast using mini marshmallows, skewers, and votive candles.  These days our younger girls enjoy doing this too.



Here are some other tiny little-girl ideas I’ve found on Pinterest recently. I hope some of them delight the little girls in your life.

How to make a tiny story book


How to make tiny Kisses for dollies


Bouquets in Eggshells



Elf Donuts


Tiny trees



Bottlecap Pincushions



Tiny teddy bear in a tin



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  1. these are too cute! our youngest loves making little things for her dollhouse. thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh my gosh! Those are so darling. John and I both loved them, the roasting of the mellows and the tiny donuts cracked us up!