Being 9

She’s 9, almost 10, and here’s what she has to say about the world:

It’s fun being 9.  It might be hard to turn 10 because sometimes– often– the older you get, the more stuff you have to do.  When I was 8, I didn’t empty the dishwasher.  But now that I’m 9 I do.   Other jobs I do: cleaning the laundry room sink,  cleaning the kitchen with my brother, cleaning my room, and cleaning up messes upstairs in the family room.

I’ve noticed there are different things with different ages, like when my big sister turned 14, she got to do Facebook.  But I don’t have even an mp3 player.  Pretty much they’re awesome, but I have to be 13 to have one.  I also have to be 13 to get my hair straightened for the first time.

But there are good things about being 9 too. This was the first year I got to have a sleepover party. My favorite thing is the pool in summertime because I get to have swim parties.  I also enjoy climbing trees, knitting, and painting.  I got a clothing design kit for Christmas, and I like to make paper designs of dresses of all different styles.

The other day Mom and my sister and I had a tea party.  We had Cheerios that we pretended were different foods, and we goofed off the whole time.  It was very fun. I think it’s a fun age.




  1. Some people spend lots of lime wishing they were a different age, and miss a lot, by forgetting the important fact, that they will never ever be, the age they are now again

  2. shannon says:

    How sweet and I love her shirt. Did she make it?

  3. She is an excellent writer!

  4. This is great! I am going to have my son write a guest post too.

  5. She sounds sunshiny! Well written. 🙂

  6. Very interesting! It’s always a valuable thing to hear about what it is like to be someone who is a different age than you are and she did a great job explaining!

  7. Being 9 sure sounds like fun! You can enjoy new things and yet not be responsible for some of the harder things. What a happy time.