Springtime table ideas

I love doing different things on my dining room table at different times of the year.  I regularly change up the table runners and centerpieces, and always have my eyes open for fun things I can do.  And as much as possible, I try to keep it frugal and use mostly items I already have somewhere in the house. This year I’m already plotting springtime table decor. (Is anyone else sick to death of winter grey?) Here are a few ideas I pinned lately on Pinterest.

I’d probably do this bouquet with silk flowers so it’d last all spring.  And I’d check the thrift stores before I bought new flowers. Some thrift store flowers are too ugly to bear.   But often I can find a few things that still have life in them. The trick with this arrangement would be to keep the kids out of the candy.


I love the daisies in this arrangement, and could use this rectangular wood box for arrangements in other seasons too.



I crave yellow in springtime.  Aren’t these tulips lovely?  This would also be pretty with daffodils or forsythia. (Which reminds me:  I REALLY need to plant forsythia at our house!)

Source: southernliving.com via Mary on Pinterest

These felt flowers are just darling. It’d take precision and sharp scissors to get the flowers looking this crisp, but the result is darling.  Since these flowers are small, I would probably do several mini-bouquets in tiny vases down the length of the table on a table runner of complimentary fabric.  I already have some tiny blue-glass vases that would be perfect for this.


I think this ‘grass’ placemat would be a sweet table centerpiece, and I love the daisies scattered on it.

Source: zulily.com via Angie on Pinterest


This neutral-toned display is really sweet.  You could skip the flowers if you wanted only greenery.  Or you could tuck silk baby’s breath from the thrift store in with the grass.  I’d also check thrift stores for cute pots for the base of this arrangement.  Or I’d brush simple clay pots with a light layer of white or pastel craft paint.


Here’s another elegant neutral-toned arrangement that you could do with twigs.  The birds are made from craft paper  (here’s the direct link to that project).


Bonus:  here’s a fun Easter poster to print and mount or put in a frame.  I printed one for our kitchen wall.


How about you? Do you like decorating for different seasons? Are you thinking about brightening up your house for spring?

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my paper bird centerpiece. So happy to have found your lovely blog!

  2. I love decorating for the different seasons/holidays. Love the printable you shared!

  3. I prefer one centerpiece for all days (a beautiful stone pot filled with orange and red flowers that belonged to my deceased grandmother that sits on a decorated glass square made by a daughter) but enjoy changing out the placemats, runners, and tablecloths.

  4. Mary, I, too, love to change my table and other decorations with the seasons. I even kept a cute little table top ‘Christmas tree’ up this year and am having the kids make ornaments with each changing season. We are loving it. I really would like to print out that wonderful poster and frame it, too, but I was unable to locate it on your pinterest. Where did you find it to print out? Thanks so much for sharing so many wonderful ideas.

  5. For the past few years I’ve done Lent decorations for this time of year, which is a nice change from wintery stuff. And then once Easter is here I am WAY ready for flowers! We have a big rock that we found while camping once that is tray-shaped. So I’ve had fun putting all sorts of stuff on it. Right now it has a dark purple cloth napkin kinda draped across it with some little smooth river rocks on top. It also has our bowl of Lent tickets (we each draw one a day and it’s a prayer,almsgiving or fast thing for that day) and a box from church to put change in during Lent. I think that’s something pretty common across most religions isn’t it?

    Do you think tulips last well in lime water? I can’t decide if they would help preserve, or make worse. Great ideas though – so many to choose from!

  6. Thanks Mary! My son is getting married in July and I am on the hunt for some great table decorations, The color of the bridesmaid dresses are horizon blue (David Bridal). I have thought of blue rock candy in a large vase with a small inner vase of flowers. I am also looking for runners and favors for the guests.Of course, the best value the better!

  7. The tulip arrangement made me think of a lovely centerpiece I saw recently. It was store-bought, but I don’t see why a home-made variety wouldn’t work just as well. It featured tulip bulbs in a large glass vase. The vase had a plastic, perforated riser in the bottom to keep the tulip bulbs off the bottom, in contact with the water, but not sitting in it. The fun of it was watching the bulbs open, send up the green shoots, and then then the tulips emerging into bloom.

    Today I made my own version with another variety of bulb. I cut down a clear plastic take-out container that fit inside my vase and used a knife to cut holes in it. (Not nice pretty holes, I sort of made spikes that helped keep the bulbs sitting steady, at the same time allowing water to pass through the hole.) I can’t wait to see how it works out.