What’s good about your Monday?


Today I am sitting thinking happy thoughts.  Saturday we had the joy of hanging out with all our kids.  Dinner was teriyaki chicken and rice, guacamole and chips, and fruit salad, with apple crumb pie and ice cream for dessert.  Dolphin Tale was the movie.  I’d been looking forward to seeing it for awhile and we all really enjoyed it.  Games were pinochle and Bohnanza and Dutch Blitz. It is pretty fun to gather enough people that three different games can be playing briskly all at once.

And those babies.  They’re not even here yet and I am so much enjoying them already.  Feeling them kick, wondering what they will look like, and imagining the future with little ones in the family again. Erika’s baby should be here within the next 3-4 weeks– hard to believe.  Other people’s pregnancies just seem to fly by, don’t they?  (Whereas I well remember how long the last month of all my pregnancies lasted.)

Our 17 year old is doing really well with his cooking challenge.  For breakfast this morning he did french toast made with his own homemade bread, sprinkled with slivered apples and cinnamon.  Dinner last night was veggie beef soup and homemade biscuits.  SoupI’ve sometimes felt bad to not be able to offer him the food I cook, which tends to be a bit more varied.  But at least 1/3 of the time, the other kids are looking at what he has and thinking they’d prefer that too!  We gave him a reprieve from cooking during gatherings the last two evenings, which will just extend his week by a couple extra meals at the end.  I’ll have him write up a report of his experience after it is all done.

I’m just finishing up his college transcript this morning.  He is hoping to go to Boise State this fall, studying graphic design, and I’ll be glad to have that lengthy bit of documentation pulled together.  Ditto for the FAFSA and our tax return.  I’m hoping the to receive last bits of paperwork in the mail today so that I can complete and send those items off this week.

Today after school the kids have valentines to work on, for a homeschool Valentine party this week.  I’m also thinking I can get a few more weeks out of the Christmas garland over our bay window by trading the Christmas balls for Valentine hearts.   It is wound with twinkle lights, and I love the way it looks around our window. It’ll be fun to see how it looks all freshened up. (Pictures of that endeavor coming  soon.)

So what’s good in your life this fine Monday morning?  What did you enjoy about the weekend?  What fun do you have planned this week?


One more note:  The winner of the 7 giveaway is commenter #84 Kari.  Email me your address, Kari, and I will get the book headed your direction.



  1. Charity Hawkins says:

    This Monday we are enjoying sunshine, the kids playing happily outside in it, and the house (and me) ready for book club tonight! 🙂

  2. I just did my very first FAFSA. Not fun, and the number they came out with was not reasonable. I’ll get to keep doing it for another 14 years, if I am blessed, that is.

    • Hi Sue, Yep, I probably have 14 more years of the FAFSA too. (Have already been doing it for 5 or so). And the only thing fun about it definitely is being done. Ah well…

  3. I just saw this! 🙂 I sent you an e-mail…hopefully I transcribed it right.

  4. You can always hang shamrocks then Easter eggs 😉