Review: My Twinn

If you’re looking for a special doll for a little girl on your Christmas list, you might consider the My BFF doll by My Twinn.  This is a 23 inch doll whose coloring and clothing you can customize.  I was given the opportunity to design one of these dolls for my daughter and found the process easy and fun.  I did wish that I could have chosen truly curly hair for my daughter’s doll, but I was pleased that they did offer a variety of skin tones.

The doll arrived the other day and is lovely. She has a soft body and poseable arms and legs.  I am looking forward to giving it to my 7 year old for Christmas– I am quite sure she’ll be delighted.  I’m also thinking of sewing this dolly some clothes.  I’ve thought before of sewing clothes for my girls’ Barbies– but oh, those pieces are tiny!!  Since this doll is 23 inches tall, I should be able to use infant patterns, which will make the sewing easier.

The My Twinn dolls are definitely on the pricey side of life.  But if your budget allows it and you’re looking for a good quality custom doll, this is a very sweet one.  If you order by Monday Dec 12th, you can use this special code — MYBFF30 — to get $30 off the regular price. There is also a $49 sale going on that you might want to check out.

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  1. Cute!
    Another option would be taking the patterns for the 18″ dolls and making them larger.

    (I wait for Joanns to have the $1.99 sale then I stock up on the doll clothes/craft patterns)

    I’ve found doll clothes to be great for teaching sewing. They have the same steps to assemble as full size clothes but go “faster” so the sense of accomplishment arrives sooner! 🙂

    • Good idea, Brooke! With a bit of help, this could be a great sewing project for my teenage daughters.

      • Jeri Riddick says:

        Mary, last week, Hobby Lobby had Simplicity patterns for .99c. This week they had McCalls for .99. I know they regularly have them on sale and at that price you could tape tissue paper to the pattern to get a regular pattern. Did that make sense?

  2. Baby clothes patterns probably won’t fit properly as the My Twinn dolls are proportioned different then a baby. You can experiment with enlarging the patterns for the 18″ dolls. I know some people have had success with that. I would take a very simple pattern and enlarge it until it matches a ready made item of the same type. Then enlarge everything that much. Vogue used to have a couple of patterns for the 23″ size and I was able to get them when they were available but I don’t think they still sell them.

  3. How are these in price and quality compared to the American Dolls? My older girls have the American dolls and really love them but I am looking for one for my 6 year old new ET daughter.

  4. jennifer b says:

    Huh- Im looking for an asian looking doll- Thanks for the link- I was hoping to be able to customize the eye shape. No dice. Ill keep looking!

  5. I bought my daughter one of the dolls, but found one on the my friend page (sale at $49). We weren’t able to customize her–but like you said, they didn’t have truly curly hair available anyway 🙂 While looking on their site, I found clothes for my daughter and her doll on the clearance page. They were reasonable, a few dollars for a skirt, the same for a matching doll outfit. You may want to take a peek, if you can’t find the time to make clothes. They ran small and pretty cheap–but for a few dollars it was a good buy.