Family Feasts giveaway

I’ve got a cookbook giveaway for y’all today! After hearing from yet another friend whose copy of my cookbook is ripped and stained and all beat-up from use, I’ve decided to do a contest.  Do you have a worn out copy of Family Feasts for $75 a Week? Comment below with a link to a picture of your copy.   I’ll compile all the pictures, and next week you can vote on who has the most worn-out copy.

The winner gets TWO brand new autographed copies of Family Feasts mailed in time for Christmas. That way you can keep one and give one away to a friend!  (And speaking of gifts for friends, remember that buying three copies on Amazon gets you free shipping.)

So how about it?  Who’s got the ugliest Family Feasts?  You have until Monday evening to comment with a link to a picture of your cookbook– or if you prefer, you can send me a picture of your cookbook via email (mary.owlhaven at  I am looking forward to seeing your pictures.


  1. Mary Munson says:

    This is my favorite cookbook in my collection! It doesn’t even go back to the shelf with the others, it stays right on my kitchen counter. Mine is pretty worn out, but still has its cover, so I will continue to use it until I can’t read the recipes any longer. When I look at the crinkled, water-warped pages, some sticking together a bit, some with a light dusting of flour between them; I just smile, thankful in knowing that this guidebook has led to many happy affordable meals for my favorite people, my family. I would love the 2 new copies to share with friends who I have told all about it though! God Bless!

  2. Thank you for linking to my blog!

  3. Awww I’d LOVE to win and keep an autographed copy and give one a way! I love your cookbook and it’s gotten the most use out of the ones I have. BUT… mines not really *THAT* beat up though… mainly spattered with oil on the Fried Rice recipe!!! 🙂

  4. I don’t have a worn out copy because I just ordere my first one yesterday from Amazon. Your $2 a day post was inspiring. We are working toward paying off our home early and food is one area of spending that I know I can cut way down. I’ve always been a fan of “Living More With Less” and this challenge follows those lines. Thanks for taking the time to inspire others. I can’t wait to get my cookbook!

  5. Well, ”my” copy of the cookbook had to be returned to the library after I used up all of the renewals. But I’d love to have one really of my own. I promise to make really good use of it, including the occasional splatter!

  6. Mary, I just wanted to let you know that of the 5 copies of your cookbook at our library, they are all checked out or on reserve!

  7. Well, I’m not sure I’m eligible for this giveaway because I don’t own a copy…..but I’ve checked it out from the library multiple times (until they make me return it) and so I would REALLY love to have my very own copy. That way I could tatter and fray and spill things on it and it won’t matter. 🙂

  8. I am so hoping to get this book for Christmas, was just thinking about it this morning–your $2/day posts got me thinking. I HAVE TO figure out how to have our family spend less on groceries. We’re a missionary pastor’s family of 6 and have a son with Celiac Disease, so his food alone is expensive ($5 a loaf of the bread he likes). Thank you for writing it!

    • Hi Jen! You might find some useful recipes for your son at WellTellMe. It’s a health and wellness forum that has a lot of information on food allergies. At one time they had user-submitted recipes there too, but I think they may have been removed to create an allergen-free cookbook?

  9. This book is amazing the amount of things you can make from scratch and adjust to any of your dietary need is priceless. Did you know that you can make pudding from scratch? I didn’t until my daughter and I made the homemade chocolate pudding in the book the best pudding we have ever had, or how about egg nog with no eggs? A holiday fav for my family made with sugar free/fat free pudding, no calorie sweetner and non fat milk. Every page of my copy shows just how much I’ve used and love this book and I’m proud of every tasty drip mark and splatter. I e-mailed my pics as I am not quite sure how to attach a photo here. Hopefully mary will share my photos.

  10. I have been wanting this book for awhile

  11. I’ll have to echo the other comments here (which I find amusing!): my copy is the only cookbook I use–and I use it EVERY day–so it has some dents and dings, but it’s not falling apart yet. The thing is, I’m not sure I would want to get a new copy for myself…I’ve “customized” my copy with handwritten recipe adjustments in so many places that I don’t think I could part with it now!! 🙂

    I plan to purchase a copy for my sister this Christmas (and perhaps my mom too). They’ve heard me praise it so much and have wanted to borrow mine, but that hasn’t happened yet since I use mine so much!

    Here’s a link to some photos of my copy! 🙂

  12. Real curious about your book and would like to get a copy as i first came about your book through Crystal @ Money Saving Mom .cannot find one to borrow anywhere

  13. I still haven’t gotten my first copy to wear out 🙁 I’d love a copy, as I’ve wanted one for a long time!

  14. jennifer b says:

    Can I send you a picture of the money I had to pay to the library as I couldn’t part with my copy;) for a week past its deadline?

  15. I LOVE your cookbook. I have told almost everyone I know about it. I posted pictures on facebook of it. I honestly broke down and bought a second copy this summer when they dropped to $7 on Amazon. I would love to give a copy as gifts to my mom and a friend. (My back up copy is in safe location so I can break it out when my pictured copy has finally fallen completely apart!)

    • I am sorry that I don’t know another way to post copies of my cookbook than by facebook. My IT specialist hubby forgot to to it for me yesterday. Trust me, it is very well loved. I have added comments to lots of pages and have also added stars for rankings. I use it almost every day of the week.

  16. I’m emailing mine right now…’s pretty sad looking, an overflowing sink led to mold, ha!


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