I am most thankful this Thanksgiving for family, and today am especially thinking of the generations who’ve gone before us. They taught us to work hard. They taught us to be honest, to be kind, to love each other, to value life. And they taught us to trust and serve God.

I had a dad who got tears in his eyes at the sight of a new baby. I had a grandmother who prayed for me every day right up to the last days of her life. Many other precious ones blessed my life before I was ever born, in ways I often take for granted.

I think of the way my husband works hard even if a job is not easy. The way my mother always finds a way to be calm, even in a storm. They bless me with these virtues because someone taught them those virtues. Today I am grateful for the folks who faithfully did the job God set before them, even when they were weary and the job was not easy. I pray that I can leave a similar legacy with my own life.

Photocredit: Avalanche Photography


  1. This picture is wonderful. What stands out so much to me is each individual personality. A picture you will keep and display in different ways. So nice!

  2. How blessed you are, indeed, Mary. I remember these traits regarding your dad and mom; they helped shape my family and continue to do so.

    Your words and photo (WOW – beautiful souls!) reflect God’s glory. His Peace to you and yours!

  3. I am grateful, among other blessings,for this mama of 10 who takes time almost daily to gift us with her bits and pieces/peaces…
    Thank you Mary.

  4. Jeri Riddick says:

    Also meant to say what an absolutely beautiful picture!

  5. oh Mary…love your picture this year…happy thanksgiving! xo jcn

  6. What a beautiful family you have.

  7. Beautiful picture of your family! And what a blessing that you have such a deep legacy of past generations that molded you. I am praying that me and my husband can be the beginning of that legacy for the future generations of our family.