Pinterest brilliance

WHY in all the years I’ve been buying Parmesan cheese and canning jars did I never notice that a Parmesan cheese lid fits perfectly on a regular-mouth canning jar???  Thanks, Pinterest!  This would be a great lid for homemade salad dressing in a pint jar too.  (Here are three of my favorite homemade dressings!)



  1. I just saw that one too! Now I’m feeling bad about all the lids I’ve unknowingly thrown away. 😀

  2. Who would have thought?! Genius!

  3. Pinterest changed my life when I learned that regular mason jars fit over my blender, so I can just mix and drink in the same jar. LOVE IT!

  4. What a great idea! I haven’t had time to really do much looking around on Pinterest. Guess I should take some time, huh?

  5. Uhm, that’s genius!!! I love this!

  6. What a wonderful discovery!!! Thank you for passing it on and thanks for the dressing recipes! Now if I can just get over throwing all those lids away for the last 20 years!!

  7. We have found the coolest recipes, helps, organizational tools on pinterest…just love it!

  8. I know you don’t like mayonaise, but those lids fit too!

  9. I am super happy to hear this news. I have tried many lids and most do not fit. I use my canning jars for storing many things… becoming more sustainable. Getting away from baggies.