Lovely library

I worked hard last week to organize the new bookshelves that we bought at the Border’s liquidation. We originally bought three shelves for $100 each, but when we got there and discovered one last shelf marked down to $33, we happily snatched it up too.

We thought that the shelves would work well, but we hadn’t actually measured things out. So we were amazed to get the shelves home and see just how perfectly they worked in the space. The family room has slanted attic-style ceilings, except for the two walls on which we wanted shelving. There the ceilings go up ten feet, which works great with the 8-foot shelves. Don’t they look huge in the room?

One shelf went next to the bathroom door, with about 6 inches of wall space free on either side. Another shelf went between a bedroom doorway and a window seat. That bit of wall is about 2 inches wider than the bookshelf – sweet. The final two shelves went side by side on the OTHER side of the bedroom doorway and took up literally every inch of that wall. It could not have been better if we’d built them custom.

You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them. I had great fun labeling the various types of books using the plastic label-holders that came with the shelves. What a deal! To sweeten the deal even further, the other day a neighbor was holding a yard sale where she was giving away a loveseat, chair and ottoman. Nothing fancy, but it makes a very cozy reading nook near our lovely library.

Next on our agenda is to finish texturing and painting the walls in this room. (Some were previously covered by shelving, and others by wallpaper, so there’s a bit of work to do.) But the transformation is already so delightful that I find myself wandering up there at odd times of the day just to admire it. God is gracious.

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  1. Oh, that’s beautiful! Makes my heart go pitter-pat. I would love to set up a library in our house; for now we’ll make do with a big shelf in the kids’ playroom.

  2. I wish I’d thought about shelving when our local Borders went out of business, about six months ago. I also wish we had the space to have a dedicated library. However, you’ve got me thinking about how I can make our study/school room more comfy.

  3. NICE!!! I’ve been scouring Pinterest for organizational ideas. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what else you do with your newly renovated space! LOVE the window-seat and new-to-you furniture!

  4. It looks wonderful.

  5. WOW I love love your bookcases! 🙂
    Totally sweet!

  6. They look fabulous!! Enjoy your home library!!

  7. There is nothing I like better than surrounding myself and my family with books. Seeing the shelves full of stories wrapped in covers…like presents waiting to be unwrapped, fills me with a peace I associate with home. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. It is beautiful.

  8. How wonderful! Enjoy!

  9. Fabulous!! We put ours in place Friday, and I’m just starting to organize the books. I snagged some extra plastic thingies, so we should be able to have lots of categories!

  10. That looks wonderful! 🙂

  11. Now all you need are those fancy sliding ladders to reach the top shelves! Your library space looks very lovely!

  12. A coffee bar, and an antique brass sliding shelf ladder would definitely be the finishing touches.

  13. now make up a coffee & pastry menu with fair prices and turn the window into a bakery/bookshop drive thru!

    this room is my sister & father’s dream.

  14. wow.wee. that’ incredible. you need to dewey everything…and make your own card catalog. that’s be so fun…does that make me a nerd? oh well. love your library.

  15. Stupendous! Color me jealous! 😉

  16. Hi Mary,
    thank you for putting so much energy into your blog. I can feel your efforts to keep it alive, fresh and interesting. I think there is a business woman with a generous heart waiting to come/jump out of you!

    Many blessings to you and yours,

  17. That looks so gorgeous, I love it and I am happy for you!

  18. It looks wonderful!!

  19. Awesome, I am so impressed at the shelves being labeled already. How long will they stay looking that neat?

  20. I’m terribly afraid that I am coveting…

    Dd and I were talking the other day about how nice it would be to have all our books organized well. But when they are all over the house and we don’t have enough shelves for them all, it is VERY hard to do! That just looks like a dream come true to me!

  21. Donna Dorsey says:

    Wow Mary, I love the shelves and the way you organized them! I love books and bookshelves and bookmarks and bookpates, basically anything having to do with books 🙂 What a beautiful, well organized library–very inspirational!

  22. Fantastic and what a great deal! As the mom of 3 boys who love to climb… i have to say that my first thought was… “I hope those are bolted to the walls!”

    • They are most definitely bolted to the wall! With 4 boys, we’ve had a few shelf-climbers ourselves, so much that they broke our old shelves. Kids have been threatened with dire consequences if anyone climbs these. Fortunately they’re a bit older than when the initial damage happened, so we are hoping for better self-restraint now!

  23. Melissa says:

    Did you attach the shelves to the wall with anything special or are they pretty sturdy and don’t need to be attached? We just bought some shelves, as well, and I just wanted to make sure we attach them correctly, if there is a need.

    • Hi Melissa, The shelves we bought are very stable and have a slight back-lean. But my husband put screws through the shelf-back into the wall studs up near the ceiling just to be doubly sure they’d stay put when full.