Need bookshelves?

Today while wandering around town to celebrate our 25th anniversary  (love ya, honey!) John and I ventured into Borders bookstore in the mall. As you may have heard, Borders is running a going-out-of-business liquidation, and being book lovers, we wanted to check it out.  We did find a few books.  I’m trying to get a bit of Christmas shopping done early, so I was pleased. But in wandering the store, we also learned that the liquidation included almost everything, right down to the bookshelves. We have just been talking about John building some new shelves to replace the old particle-board ones in our family room.  We’ve just recently enlarged the family room by removing a small bedroom.

We ended up buying three 8-ft tall/3-ft wide bookshelves for $100 each.  They have seven shelves each, six of which are adjustable. John will still be building us a custom window-seat/bookshelf combo on one wall of the room.  But the purchase of ready-made bookshelves for two other walls will save John a huge amount of time and labor.  Yay!   We’ll soon be able to get our books out of boxes on the floor! The only problem?   We have to wait til they call us to say it is OK to come pick them up.  Hopefully we’ll hear back from them in a week or two.

If you happen to live near Borders and are in need of bookshelves in your own home, you might check it out.  They’re selling several different types and sizes.  They’re simple-looking, industrial-grade and fairly light-colored, with a birch-looking veneer.  The words you see at the top are just cardboard inserts that can easily be taken off.  I think the shelving will work really well for our space.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the heads-up. We live one block away from one and can really use some book shelf space in this homeschooling/husband reads a lot family of ours.

  2. That is a great find. Wish we had a borders around here.

  3. I had been wanting to take advantage of this when the first Borders near us went out of business. Hopefully I will with the other Borders in the area. The prices got pretty cheap near the end. They also were selling the tables they put books on at the one near us which looked of very good quality. They had stands on them to put books on, but I’m assuming those could be easily removed. 🙂

  4. While the Borders near us is also going out of business, they only have 10% off all items and that does not include new release books. When asked about that, one employee commented that the satellite sites will have a certain amount of time to sell as much stock as possible then it will be moved to a larger store for the remainder of the ‘going out of business’ time.
    But to be able to buy bookshelves that look as nice as the ones in your picture without having to build yourself, YEAH.
    I have a contractor erecting a shelf around the top of the living and dining room wall (9″ from the ceiling), giving me a great place to display my kids’ art projects, vases, and my tea pots. He had never done that before but looks so nice that he wants to use for promotion purposes. Years ago this was used for displaying plates.

  5. Nice!

  6. Checked at our Walden Books. They are getting rid of store fixtures like shelves, too. Thanks for the tip! We have so many books in tubs…it would be great to have them accessible.

  7. I bought a gondola style bookshelf from the Waldenbooks near us last week for $100 – we are going to use it as an island in our homeschool library as we already have shelves around the perimeter. What a great deal!

  8. Woohoo!! We went today and bought two 3′ x 7′ shelves for $50 each. I can’t wait to get them home and unload all of our paperbacks onto them. We may even do a little research on the Dewey Decimal system …