Gift Crafting Ideas

Friends clued me in to a sweet fabric sale the other day where I scored 20 yards of fabric for a cool $20. Crazy, huh?  A store was going out of business, and the owners were getting rid of tons of quilting fabric.

Between that and pinterest, I am itching to make things. My idea is to do some gift-crafting, so that I’ll have a variety of fun gifts stashed away for different occasions and people. My mind is buzzing with possibilities, but how to narrow it down? I want to come up with ideas that people will actually enjoy.

I remember getting some lovely baby blankets from my aunt for each of our babies– big soft flannel squares.  It is a mystery to me why companies make rectangular baby blankets– square ones are so much better!

In our family we always enjoy gifts of food.  One year my aunt gave another family member a whole box full of jars of home-canned jam.  Last year my brother-in-law, who is a serious foodie gave a goodie box that included smoked cheese and homemade bacon.  Yum!

I’ve also loved getting homemade aprons and embellished kitchen towels.  It is really meaningful to me to think of someone spending time to make me something.   So what about you?  What home-made gifts have you particularly enjoyed over the years?

I have so many different ideas ‘pinned’, but here are a few baby ideas I really liked:

PS– Here are some other fun gift ideas in this Like Mother, Like Daughter post and its comments.


  1. I have been making a lot of the “baprons” for my youngest son. They are so cute and quick to make. I had to make it just a bit bigger for him, but I love that he can’t get it off like many other bibs we have. I definitely think handmade gifts are the way to go!

  2. Daughters have been using all the left-over newspaper and pages of magazines that seem to accumulate so quickly to make coasters and pencil holders by making strips and weaving together.
    Also cutting and decorating bookmarks and then laminating them as gifts for people from birthday, Mothers Day to Christmas.
    Homemade gifts are certainly appreciated by most people.

  3. Baby ideas, huh? Hmm…..
    Interesting 🙂

  4. Gift idea using fabric….hmmmm….for little kid birthdays, applique their birthday number onto a plain tee. Also fun to give them swim towels trimmed with fun fabric on the edges and carry straps so it can be rolled and carried. A stash of blankies and matching bibs is always received well by new moms. Maybe some burp cloths, too. Pillowcases are a hit, too, if the fabric reflects the child’s interest or has their initial or name appliqued on it. You can also use fabric to cover sketch books which are great for kids and adults alike. As far as handmade gifts I like to receive, I’m with you on aprons and kitchen towels. And any homemade goodies (jam! bread!) are much appreciated.

  5. This isn’t exactly for a baby-baby, but someone made an “activity” book for my brother when he was little. It was made out of soft fabric and on each page there was a different activity like fabric shapes that could snap on or off, a zipper for learning how to zip, circles of fabric with buttons and button holes. You get the idea. Three of my four used it when we first adopted them so they could learn to do these things (they were all between 3 & 4 but didn’t know how to do these things on their own). Hmmm… I might have to make something like this myself for some friends.

  6. grangramma says:

    I spent two whole days on pinterest and told everyone about it. I am now questioning the wiseness of this after seeing some very questionable pictures .

    • um, yeah, I have come across a thing or two myself. It is safer if you stick with the boards of people you know. But as it goes with the internet in general, caution is needed.

  7. I don’t get any hand made gifts but I love to give them! Blankets sweaters, towel and dishclothes. All crocheted.

  8. Sue from Buffalo says:

    I’m confused about pinterest. How does it work? I just went on the website and looked around a little but I can’t find directions on how to make things. What am I doing wrong?

    (thanks in advance)

    • Sue, On each photo page there’s a link to the blog or website from which each project or idea was take, and often there you can find details and instructions for the various crafts.

  9. Thank you for your comment that in regards to the internet, caution MUST be observed always.
    And along those lines, did anyone catch the world premiere movie the other night “Cyberbully”, I passed that it would be on to as many people in my world as I could.
    Was disturbing enough that my adult kids deleted their facebook accounts (the ones who had one) and said will only be using hotmail or yahoo accounts and with only those people they personally know. None of minor children have any social media accounts not even the ones allowed in school like the one highlighted on this movie.
    As a family we are going to spend more time writing letters, visiting personally with people, and calling those relatives and friends who live a distance from us more often.

  10. The crafty gene was not something I inherited. Sort of like the green thumb gene that passed me by. Sewing? I can barely put a button back on. That said, that baby apron thing is absolutely adorable and looks fantastically useful. Should I ever find myself in need of something like that again, I’ll definitely show a photo to someone and ask for some!

  11. All those ideas are so cute!!