Where I’m From…

A very long time ago, way back in 2006, I started this blog.  I realize that was only 5 years ago, but wow, a lot of life has happened in those five years. Back then we only had 8 kids, and our baby was just a year old and I hadn’t written any books, and none of my kids were grown yet. Seems like an eternity in a way.

Back then I did a writing project on my blog called, “Where I’m From”.  I was just thinking about earlier today. It was a lot of fun– you can read more about the format here. This evening when reading my blogs, I stopped by my friend Steph’s, and lo and behold, she’s written her version of this fun project. I decided that I really ought to post mine again. If you decide to write one too, please share the link in comments. I’d love to read it.


Owlhaven: I Am From

I am from thunderstorms and muggy nights and green-sky tornado warnings. From Cream of Wheat on school mornings, and White Castle burgers on Sundays and Dreft sitting on the washer when another new baby was on the way.

I am from the white parsonage next to the brick church surrounded by oak trees rustling in the breeze. I am from June bugs and fireflies on summer evenings. From oak tree whose acorns pelted unsuspecting friends from the leafy heights, from Four’O’Clocks that looked divine tucked in little girls’ hair.

I am from churchgoers and readers and baby-lovers, from Leonard and Marie and Hazel and Dale and Marvin and Julia. I am from inquisitive minds, and skillful hands, and loving hearts. From “all things work together for good” and “ don’t wear those shorts– they’re indecent.”

I am from forever-Lutherans who believe you work hard and trust God for the rest of it. I’m from Nebraska farmers who survived a tornado and put baby chicks in the bathtub for safekeeping when the chicken house blew away. From Swedes and Norwegians and Germans.

From mom’s homemade pizza and granola and whole wheat bread. From “Aunt Edie” pancakes slathered with butter and powdered sugar. From whole milk straight from the farm where we petted the calves and they sucked our fingers with sandpaper tongues. From apples we got by riding a ferry boat and visiting an orchard ourselves.

From the grandmother who got kittens for me to dress and trundle in baby carriages when I visited each summer, from the grandfather who called me Emsie, and the other grandfather who farmed so full-bore that when he stopped he could fall asleep in the midst of the noisiest gatherings.

I am from Polaroids and Kodak Instamatics whose flash cubes blinded your eyes then were tossed in the trash. From black-paged photo albums where precious pictures were placed with loving hands, and family and faith were valued above all the rust-gathering trinkets that any amount of money could buy.


  1. Mary, I was just thinking yesterday about the 1st years of blogging and how if you look at it, our blogs are old enough for kindergarten now. 🙂 In a way that makes it all feel even younger, but a big measure of time, too.

    I’m so glad you posted yours, too. Great minds think alike! It’s just been on my mind lately!


  2. You inspiered me and made me cry today. Here is my link to my Where I From story: http://homemademania.blogspot.com/2011/06/i-am-from.html

  3. I loved this idea! I did my own at http://appliquegirl.blogspot.com/2011/06/where-im-from.html


  4. I read yours a few years ago and it inspired mine, when I was a brand-new blogger who didn’t realize it was normal to read the blogs of people you’ve never met. Here is the link:

    Thanks for the reminder, it was lovely to re-read it this morning.

  5. katherine says:

    i wrote mine several years ago as well. here’s the link!


    thanks for sharing yours and reminding me of this project! it was fun to go back and read my own 🙂

  6. I had a great time writing this. Thank you for the idea.

  7. I wrote mine several years ago as well. Perhaps I got the idea from you???

    Here’s the link… http://naughtbutgood.blogspot.com/2009/01/i-am-from.html

  8. That’s beautiful, Mary!

  9. Hi,

    I have just written mine. Thanks for the idea. I really enjoyed finding out where you are from.


  10. Mary, so interesting how God uses others and weaves our lives together. I just got home from leading a twice monthly mom’s group where this morning we discussed legacy, the ones we had, the ones we have, the ones we hope for. What a timely piece this is in my life. So positive and encouraging. I will have to sit down and dig for those positive moments from my past, the where I’m from part of me. God has been faithful but looking back is not always easy. It is a good idea though to give honor where it is due. Thanks for the idea. I am always so encouraged by you.

  11. I wrote mine after reading Journey Mama’s winning entry in your contest (IIRC), which is how I found this blog in the first place. 🙂

    Here’s mine: http://meinthemadness.wordpress.com/i-am-from/

  12. Hey there! … I did this back in 2006, and just happened to stumble across it on my blog the other day. I had forgotten all about it, and I loved reading it again.

    Just thought I would share. 🙂