Snippets from this week

All sorts of life is happening here this week.   One of our 13yo sons got his braces on today and has a sore mouth this evening to prove it.  Thankfully 4 out of 6 of our current teenagers came by their straight teeth naturally, proving again that God provides for families in all sorts of ways.

Tomorrow I am heading to the doctor to get a cast for our 8yo daughter, who fell out of a bounce house on Saturday and broke her wrist.  Poor kiddo. She has had a splint for a few days and is being good-natured about the cast– has already specified that it be lime green.  But still it is a tough break, especially just a few days before her birthday, just when we were set to try out the pool for the first time this week.

Erika and I are just beginning to plan the wedding reception for her and Israel on June 19th.  Should be a fun party- we are looking forward to it.  She has come up with some fun food ideas that have my brain buzzing with embellishments of my own.  I am looking forward to chatting more with her, finding out what she wants, and making things work nicely.  I will most likely be sharing details and photos eventually. But not yet.  🙂

The crazy flowerbed at the edge of my driveway is just beginning to come into its own this summer.  The irises are gorgeous.  There’s a whole slew of tiny blue flowers blooming fresh every day.  The daylilies will be blooming in another couple weeks.  And the poppies  proliferated madly over the winter and are already are beginning to bloom.  Sometimes trying to keep things tame in our little 3-acre corner of the world makes me a little nutty, but that flowerbed is a joy to me.   It is so like our family. Un-manicured, mismatched and sometimes a little loud.  Changing every day.  But beautiful and utterly delightful just the same.


Links I’ve enjoyed in the past week:

Great Expectations — loving people as they are

A Tale of Sock Frugality — my kind of frugality

How to pray without using words — makes me oh so nostalgic

Cornbread Salad with Peppers and Tomatoes — I need to try this



  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Mary! 🙂

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog each day, Mary.

    Our 9 year old just had her cast removed from a wrist break. She is a competitive swimmer so we were very excited to learn there is a “water proof” cast. It is a different material on the inside, but same on the outside. If nothing else, it sure made showers a lot easier than when her sister had her normal cast last year!

  3. Your post reminded me that I was going to ask you what homeowners insurance you were able to find that insures you with a trampoline, remembering previous post of child on trampoline.
    No one in our area has one because the first question the agent asks is, ‘do you have a trampoline’ and when a friend of mine answered yes they were told that of the 23 insurance companies they work with —-none would take a client with a trampoline.
    When I purchased my first home 10 years ago that was the first question I was asked also. But I have wanted to get one all these years but never found an insurance company who will insure me!

    • Hopefulmom says:

      Try State Farm. They don’t have restrictions for trampolines or pools. 🙂

      • Thanks so much. Will check into it this week, would love to get one and have been thinking of hot tub lately as I get older.

      • Called them late last night, and no problem they said with cost only a few dollars more than current insurance. thanks.

    • We actually don’t have a trampoline– hubby sees too many accidents in the ER. This was an inflatable slide/jump house at a party.

  4. Hopefulmom says:

    I would highly suggest the waterproof cast, too. My daughter also swam competitively when she broke her wrist. That cast was so wonderful!!! I had to actually call around to find where they did them in my area (I live in the middle of nowhere) but found a doc/clinic who did. They said I might have to pay a little extra out-of-pocket but that was not the case…my insurance covered it just fine. The inside wrap is waterproof and water drains out of it very easily. I think it was Gore-Tex. Anyway, definitely look into it…it is very very worth it, even if it was just for easier showers, but getting to swim was icing on the cake!

  5. Cornbread Salad is one of my favorite summer things. I make it different than the recipe you linked to and will have to give this a try. Such a southern food. Thanks

  6. Our 7yo daughter just had a cast put on a couple weeks ago. We didn’t have the option of water proof, however we did order a xerosox, I think it is called maybe zerosox on line and it has a vacuum pump to remove the air and keep water out, just make sure you order smaller than you think.