What’s happening at the Owlhaven

I’m definitely still catching up from vacation over here.  Here are some of the last pictures we took there– I’ve been meaning to edit them for quite awhile!  As usual, you can click on them to enlarge.

Life is hopping around here. Our son turned 13 last week, and our daughter turns 9 next week.  Both of those events require celebrating.  Shopping.  Ice cream. Cake.  Some has been accomplished.  Some must still be done.  Must get on it.

Yesterday I got to go running on the greenbelt with my friend Shana and several of her friends.  Good fun! One of our kids is getting braces next week and needs a tooth pulled.  We’ve had three consult appointments already to begin all that. Tomorrow I get to visit with my sister Sophie, and the wonderful Dr. Mary, who works with Sophie in Ethiopia.   Muchly looking forward to that.

I’m speaking at the CHOIS convention this week in Nampa, so I’ve been going through my talks from the Oklahoma convention, removing and improving bits, and adding ideas that I wanted to say in Oklahoma.  I’m excited for the opportunity.  Our 16 year old son will be going along with me to help with my book table.  If you’re at the convention, stop in and say hi to us, OK?

Planning has begun for a June wedding reception for our daughter Erika and her hubby who got married in Chile in March.  It will be great fun, and we are looking forward to it.  Also, as usual for this time of year, I’ve begun planning church camp food.  Five days in the mountains with 100 or so people.  My friend, my sister and I will be shopping.  Which, as you might imagine, takes a heckuva shopping list and hours of planning before you ever even enter the store.  Not to mention, some serious time in the camp kitchen, even if you delegate.  Which I will. I am trying not to twitch just thinking about all there is to do.  One thing at a time.  It will all get done and it will be lovely, I am sure.

Thanks to everyone for your book recommendations– I am enjoying reading them.  Perhaps later we should work on a similar booklist for girls. But now, off to bed.  Sleep is important when one needs to be productive.  Locking myself away from facebook might also help.   If I could force myself to do it.  Goodnight!




  1. Are you guys done with school for the summer? I forgot to ask you that on Monday. We’re frantically trying to get done next week.

    • We’re going to do a little school all summer I think. Ten problems of math a day and an hour of reading. Maybe an educational video or two a week…just enough to keep the brains engaged! 🙂

  2. I’m guessing that you have that camp cooking thing down to a science… and I’m guessing that there is a spread sheet involved… any chance you’d make it available as a resource in case someone out here might be doing something similar? Pretty please! :o)

    • Hi Brenda, I have cooking instructions for each meal and a big ol’ grocery list, but not an official spread sheet. Maybe one of these years..!

  3. Oh my Mary! My head was spinning just looking at the list of upcoming activities! I will keep you in my prayers. Even, good, fun things can be stressful.

    For us, we finished with school last week and we are in the beginning of a two week lull before things like VBS, swimming lessons, and other camps begin. We don’t have plans every week but I am surprised by how much we do have planned. I always say “next summer we’re just going to take it slow.” Ha-ha!

    I’m also going to do some education supplementation this summer. For my homeschool kiddo, we’re just going to get a jump start on some things, and for the three “regular” school kiddos, we’re going to tackle what I call “learning gaps” that the school doesn’t think are all that important to address. 😉

    I’ll look forward to all the future updates!

  4. A booklist for girls! Wow, that would be quite the undertaking because the list is endless.
    Managing a life with a large family is a structure in organization that could be taught at the college level. But have to say that while it seemed tough when they were all home and in school and related activities, jobs, dating, etcetera, is almost impossible when they are adults with their own lives and as grandma trying to plan events around their lives and my life with kids living in different states and even different countries–that has become even more interesting.
    People comment to elderly that they seem more busy since they retired than when they worked full-time—-nothing could be truer and I am nowhere near the age of retirement. But boy wouldn’t trade any one of my children or grandchildren!

  5. Great pictures! What a fun trip! Love you!