Giveaway: Salon Grafix hair product

(Updated to add:   Winners of this giveaway are Wendy #5 and Judith #14!  I have contacted you via email)

My oldest two Ethiopian daughters (both teens) have both had their hair ‘permed’ (relaxed)– very cautiously — by me with a kit you can buy in the store.  We used two boxes of relaxer for each girl, and probably should have used 3 boxes for my older girl– she has a TON of hair and the cream barely covered her whole head. I am very cautious with the relaxer because of the potential to badly damage hair.  We’ve done it once a year or so for my 15 year old, and just once with my 13 year old.  (The rule around here is that you have to be 13 to have your hair relaxed.)  So far their hair has still looked good.  The perm relaxes the curl to a moderate degree, making their hair much easier to comb through, but does not remotely take all the curl out.  Most of the time they still style their hair in ponytails or cornrows.

But occasionally they will use a flat iron to get their hair all the way straight. Since relaxer weakens hair, and the flat iron has the potential to damage and weaken hair even more, when I was asked to try out a new hair product from Salon Grafix I jumped on the chance. It is called Maximum Heat Protect Spray and it is designed to be used with flat irons and curling irons. We’ve used it several times now, by spraying it directly onto chunks of hair just before flat- ironing each section.

It works best on dry hair, and helps the flat iron glide more smoothly through the hair.   It also seems to speed up the flat iron process.  It goes on dry-feeling, and adds shine to the hair without being stiff or greasy feeling. In general the girls were pleased with the product and how it worked in their hair.  I’m not sure how to evaluate the ‘protective’ properties of the product.  But it does seem to help with the flat iron process.  I’m still trying to decide if we will be buying more of this– it will probably depend on how much it costs in the store– but initial tests with it are favorable.

This week I am giving away two bottles of Maximum Heat Protect Spray.  If you’re interested in trying this product for free, just comment below and  tell me either a favorite hair tricks, or a current hair styling challenge.  I will pick a winner early next week!  Also, stay tuned for my Father’s Day giveaway, coming soon.

(Note:  I was given a free sample of the above product in exchange for this review, but the opinions expressed here are my own.)


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  1. Christy M says:

    One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be able to flat-iron my hair reliably well. I’ve only attempted it a couple of times, but I’m paranoid that I’ll damage my hair. Even if I don’t win the giveaway, I need to go buy some protectant spray as insurance.

  2. My daughter has very thick, coarse, curly hair. It’s beautiful curly, but she likes to straighten it. We’ve tried a few products, but haven’t loved any of them. Would love to try this one.

  3. I’d love to try this out! My daughter has TONS of hair, and those curly ends insist upon sticking out of her braids, no matter what gel or hold product I put on it. I once had an Ethiopian woman tell me to straighten her hair before braiding so those pesky ends stay in. If I had a really good product to protect her hair, I’d be more willing to dive in and give it a try!

  4. I’m interested in this product. I have curly hair and it’s pretty easy to style it straight in Phoenix, but I’ll be moving to Houston later this summer. With all the humidity in Houston, I’ll have to re-learn how to style my hair…or find new products to help me! I’ve had very good luck with my Conair Infinity flat iron.

  5. Our daughter isn’t even here yet, but she’s five years old and should be here by late summer (conservative estimate). I would love to try this product, maybe when she’s older. Thanks!

  6. I was just at the salon today and she informed me that the product that I was using that I thought protected from heat does not. Thus the frayed breaking hair. So, current hair trouble – caring enough to actually do it. 🙂

  7. This has nothing to do with the product you are discussing here, but since your daughters have long curly hair, I thought I’d share something we found recently. All of my daughters have curly (Caucasian) hair, but one has long, VERY THICK SUPER-CURLY hair to her waist. While it is beautiful, it is also a chore to her when she tries to get through it with a detangling brush in the shower and before styling. Someone recently gave us “The WET Brush”. Here’s the link for it on Amazon.
    Don’t ask my why the purple one is so much less than the pink one, but ours happens to be purple and works like a charm. My daughter was almost giddy with delight that she was able to detangle her hair quickly with ease and no struggle and absolutely no pain in the shower! Then I ran the brush through her hair myself and was amazed at how tangle-free it was! She had not used any extra conditioner or serum, and it was as soft and silky as a baby’s! You will definitely want to get one of these. Most people seem to have paid $14 and up, and I can tell you it’s worth it. However, it appears you can get one for less that $3 right now on Amazon. The name is The “Wet” Brush, and it is made by LUXOR. IT will have the words THE WET BRUSH on the handle. When you get it in your hands, you’ll wonder what’s so different about it. It actually feels like the bristles are softer and more bendable….maybe more flimsy!! It’s not so different than other detangling brushes that you would know to choose it over another, but believe me….something about it is definitely DIFFERENT! This brush works! I’m not too sure how it would work on super curly hair when DRY, as we don’t brush our super curliest girls when they’re dry. But the ones with a more relaxed curl have found it to work just as beautifully when their hair is dry. So, overall, this is a fabulous product. I HIGHLY recommend it! Go ahead and read the Amazon reviews! They all say the same thing! 🙂 Enjoy!

  8. My daughter has inherited my curls and has very long hair. Occasionally she likes to flat iron it, so I’d love to try this product for her. I feel her hair is a challenge, but she likes it. My hair is a challenge. I just got it cut and it is paying me back by going SPOING!!! and I look like I think it’s 1987. Sigh. Another challenge is my oldest son, whose hair is excessively curly and who also likes to wear his hair long. So we have hair challenges!

  9. My Daughter had thick slightly wavy hair until she cut it in layers and some mysterious thing happened that must be related to adolescence. She now (even though the layers are almost grown out)has a very kinky wave in the right side long bang area. It makes the area fall in her face It also looks kind of funny if you pull it back as it makes the kink more noticeable. The rest of her hair is still slightly wavy if crimped when wet. So only straightening or curing her hair works. She says it is frizzy and likes to straighten it, so we would love to try the new product.

  10. My twelve year old twins are from Liberia, West Africa and wow their hair is thick, curly and difficult to do. One is a boy so kept short his is easy. But my girl takes a lot more effort. We actually relax hers every so often just to be able to do anything. We condition her hair everyday and rarely shampoo. It really helps us manage it better. Also, we found coconut oil worked better than any product we could buy. I am really interested in this spray now that she is more interested in doing her hair herself and wants to experiment with straigtening.

  11. Well, I am a self proclaimed HAIR DORK, so my usually hair style is a ponytail…because I have REALLY THICK hair that tends to get frizzy, but I stumbled upon a hairstyle I love (quite by accident…I am a hair dork after all) and did a topsy tail ponytail, but instead of pushing the hair all the way through, I clip it to hold the tail inside the part you separate…so you clip the sides over the top…
    PRAYING my principessa is NOT a hair dork and can help me look a little more hip in a few years~!

  12. Has nothing to do with product just hair. A fantastic and fun use for duct tape (colored, striped, polka dots, etc work great) is making a headband with it. Check out the internet sites for how to do. Our library just had a day with kids making and was a huge hit with about 50 kids there doing!

  13. Hair tricks, hmm. I think one I do that others find unusual is that I only wash it every other day. Since I blow dry it & flat iron it when I ‘fix’ it (whenever I wash it). So often my hair looks just fine the second day, but if not, I rely on a dry shampoo. I hadn’t even heard of it until recently, so maybe someone else hasn’t either?

  14. My latest hair trick is dry shampoo. My hair is curly (with locks), but I flat-iron it when I wash it. Using dry shampoo enables me to go longer between getting it wet (and thus spending time flat-ironing it). This product sounds wonderful!