Seeing the redwoods

This year we chose to stay on the southern coast of Oregon, for two reasons.  First, we were hoping for sunshine and warmer weather—we definitely had some lovely weather while we were there.  And second, we wanted to be close enough to take a day trip to the California redwoods.

The day that we decided to go started out dumping rain.  But by the time we made it to northern California, there were patches of blue sky and the rain had stopped.   We made our way through the Jedediah Smith National Park, sometimes driving on a single-lane gravel road, and sometimes walking along some really gorgeous hiking trails, exploring and snapping pictures.

By the end of the day, I think the kids were a little bored with trees.   But they were good sports, and we all enjoyed the lovely weather and the many different plants.  Late in the day we spent a little time on the beach in Crescent City.  When the tide came in, we almost got stranded on the lighthouse island and squelched our way back to the car with wet jeans and wet shoes.  We ended the day with a trip to the dollar store where the kids each got to pick a treat, and dinner at a rather expensive (but yummy) pizza place in Brookings, OR on the way back to our house for the night.   All in all, a lovely day.

(Click on photos to enlarge)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures of the redwoods! Someday I hope to get to see them. I love the beauty and majesty of God’s creation and remain in awe of the diversity of all He’s created!

    We are visiting Maine this week and it’s amazing. So glad you are sharing your photos.


  2. I’ve only visited the redwoods in August or October but spring looks absolutely gorgeous! Did you see much evidence of the tsunami damage in Crescent City? Thanks for taking us along on your vacation 🙂

  3. kelli @ living in grace says:

    This is one of my most favorite places in the world, and I am so happy you got to see it 🙂

    Looks like y’all had an amazing time.

  4. Carolyn Kahler says:

    We moved to NorCal last year from IL, and we still cannot get enough of the Redwood trees. Muir Woods is a must-see for anyone who visits us from back east. So glad you got to see them while you were here. 🙂

    • We were in the Jedediah Smith National Park. Took two really nice doable hikes of 1-2 miles each with the kids. Very fun!