Two friends, two books, two aspects of adoption

I’m excited today to tell you about two books that were written by friends of mine.

The first is Adopt Without Debt: Creative Ways to Cover the Cost of Adoption by Julie Gumm.  I got the chance to meet her at the adoption conference I attended last fall, and she is a delight.  The story she tells in this book of getting debt-free and affording adoption in the process is inspirational.  And after telling her own story, she shares the stories of other families on similar journeys.  If you’re wondering how your family might be able to afford to adopt, this book might very well provide some new insight.  There were some great fund-raising ideas I’d never considered!



The second book is called No Biking in the House Without a Helmet and was written by Melissa Fay Greene.  (Melissa is also the author of There Is No Me Without You a must-read book among Ethiopian adoptive families.) This new book tells what happened in Melissa’s family after they adopted. Melissa is a gifted writer. As the title hints, the book is both humorous and real.  I devoured it in a couple of plane rides and very much wished it was longer.


Now, the really fun thing: both of my friends have given me an extra book to give away!   All you have to do to enter the drawing is comment below and tell me how adoption has affected your own life, whether it be in the past, present, or even in hopes you might have for the future.  I will choose two winners on Monday!



  1. somehow we adopted without debt! well we had a small debt but were debt free within 4 months woo hoo! i would love the book by Melissa! although if I won the other one i have several friends i could pass it to!

  2. I’m praying to adopt sometime in the future. Both books sound great.

  3. Melissa says:

    I’ve already been blessed by having dear friends who grew up in adoptive family and having them share their lives with me and I’m anticipating future blessing when my own family continues the cycle and adopts…even now we are planning and praying for that!

  4. Angela Mayer says:

    Several of my close friends have adopted children through the foster care system. They have struggled with the rather disruptive special needs of these children and their journey has given me a different perspective on adoption. I used to have an idealistic pie-in-the-sky, “ooo, I wanna do that!” perspective. But now I feel the heart of God for the fatherless and at the same time I see the unique challenges that adoption brings to a family. I don’t know what God has for our future as a family (I still long to adopt), but for now I see that I have a ministry to help these friends and these children thrive as best they can. God bless all of you who know so much more about attachment and special needs than you ever dreamed you would.

  5. I must have those books!

    Adoption has challenged and healed me in ways I’ve never imagined. I’ve got 3 amazing children through adoption and hopefully more in the semi-near future.

  6. I’m not exactly an adoptive parent but since I foster unadoptable kids in an orphanage in Africa–I think it counts. I would love to read No Biking in the House Without a Helmet.

  7. I feel that tug to adopt from Africa, however my husband feels the tug to adopt local. With that said, we have just completed all of the requirements to adopt through our State. Since we made the decision to adopt it seems that is ALL we think about! 🙂 I still hope to adopt from Africa, but in the meantime I try and donate to others who are fundraising. I would love these books! I actually have Melissa Faye-Greenes book in my wishlist at Amazon,

  8. I just read a review of Melissa Faye-Greene’s new book and it sounds great. The other one does to considering we just started our adoption journey (YAY!) and will need to raise money. We’re hoping to adopt a sibling group from Ethiopia.

  9. We are hoping to adopt in the future. Both books sound great for inspiration! thanks for the chance!

  10. We have a 10 year old adopted from Korea and would love to adopt another child – he is the joy of our lives- this time we will go older and special needs – the money part is the scary part – would love to read either book!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I have wanted to adopt since before I met my husband, now it is a dream we both share. We would definitely be interested in both books, but Adoption Without Debt sounds like the one that would help me face some of our fears about the financial aspects of adoption.

  12. Krystal says:

    A giveway! Fun! How it is touching me in the here and now is that we are praying about if/when God would have us adopt. While I feel sure, my husband is not quite sure. It has been a slow process in opening himself to the idea. At this point it’s just pray and wait, pray and wait.

  13. BethAnn says:

    Oh, I would so love to adopt again. We have 2 children by birth and 2 through the incredible gift of adoption. Such incredible gifts..all of them. They give me reason, opportunity and motivation to live and love like Christ every day.

  14. We are waiting for a referral!! Headin’ out in just a few minutes to set up for our HUGE garage sale to help raise $$ – we’re committed to staying debt-free thru the adoption process. Last year’s sale raised just over $3,000. Hoping for a repeat this weekend!! PRAY!!

  15. Two of my cousins are adopted. We are hoping to adopt someday when our finances allow.

  16. Kristi Rosendahl says:

    Two of our 4 children were adopted as infants form South Korea. Adoption has always been a passion of mine! My prayer contniues that hubby will come on board with the plan of adding again to our family through adoption. I would love to read No Biking in the House Without a Helmet.

  17. chantel says:

    We are hoping and praying to adopt a 12 year old boy within the next few months. He has been in the foster care system for 2 years and feel God is leading us to adopt him. We have no prior experience with adoption.

  18. Kathleen says:

    How has adoption affected my life?
    How long do you have?
    No seriously…I adopted my son from Guatemala in Jan 2006. I met our son for the first time at 2 month in March 06 during a week visit down there. In Guatemala (back when we were allowed to adopt from there…you can’t anymore) the babies stayed with foster families, which is one of the big reason we chose Guatemala. We wanted our child to be raised by a loving family until we could bring him home. And what a family it was! These people contacted every other day or so via e-mail telling me of my son’s daily antics & triumpths as we anxiously awaited to get him. They took photographs of him everywhere and sent them to us as often as they could so that we would have baby picutes of the time we missed with him. Once we came back there to bring him home in October of 2006 we gave them a nice digital camera as a thank you gift to them. They were so happy they cried. They were overwhelmed by our gift of gratitude saying: this will come in so handy for the other children we hope to foster!”
    Sadly they only fostered 4 children in all, but those 4 kids were lucky to be a part of their family. I promised them we stay in touch and we have. Since then sadly we have the mother of family pass on from cancer, but also happily seen & heard about their 3 grown children get married one by one. The eldest is now expspecting HIS first baby! We’re elated. We were told that we were the ONLY family to stay in touch with them! I can’t imagine not sharing my life with them so that our John can have a connected to his Guatemalan roots. One day we hope to bring him there to see it. Now my point is had my hubby and I not chose adoption in our lives….we would have NEVER gone to Guatemala in our travels, no way….but now we have learned so much about their beautiful country and have made family friends for life that have enriched ours. 🙂

  19. We are waiting for the phone call that our birthmom is in labor….. hopefully we will meet our little girl soon!

  20. sophie says:

    I believe in community. Many families around us have adopted and are in the process of adopting more. I try in each case to see how I can be of help, focusing on the kids that were not adopted, since the attention sometimes goes more to the new comers for a while.

  21. Rebecca says:

    We adopted two teens from Ethiopia three years ago to join our two younger bio children. What a wonderful adventure it has been for all of us as we learn and grow every day. It hasn’t all been joy and roses–there have been and continue to be challenges, but would I change the path we’ve taken? No way. And we aren’t done. Just the other day we were told of a little girl in China who needs a family–but the adoption price tag is a big one, more than we have in the bank. It seems crazy to say no to another family member simply based on money–there has to be a way to make this happen. I’d love to see the book Adopt Without Debt for some ideas.

  22. We have one daughter from Ethiopia and are bringing a son home from China this year. Adoption has changed our family forever! Both books sounds amazing, and since we’re not done adopting, they will be useful to us!

  23. My Mom was adopted as an infant. I have a special place in my heart for adoption and I hope to make it even more a part of our life. Someday.

  24. I was adopted by my stepfather and hope to adopt someday.

  25. I’ll turn 30 a month before our third biological child is born (Lord willing). My husband and I have thrown around the possibility of adopting in the future for a couple of years now, maybe a child with Down syndrome from another country – ? We shall see. We’ll pray about it.

  26. I wish the Adoption without Debt book was around 5 years ago when we started! We funded ours via home equity loan. Hate the debt aspect, but wouldn’t trade the investment for the world. My sons are such a blessing x 2! (Twins.)

  27. Kirstin says:

    We are currently in the waiting phase of domestic adoption. Although we have not been blessed to bring home our child yet, we have grown and learned so much about the heart of God and gained much understanding this past year. I have not yet read either of these titles – they look great. Thanks for the opportunity!

  28. Mikaila says:

    My husband and I just got married on Saturday and he has a 9-year-old son. I have already adopted J in my heart but we have big hopes to make the adoption legal sometime in the near future.

    Adoption is also something we are considering for ourselves in a few years!

  29. We adopted Xander in 2009. And my husband is in the process of adopting my daughter. 🙂

  30. Adoption changed me from a mother of all boys to a woman with a daughter.

  31. I would not be a Mom without the gift of adoption. I’ve been blessed with three beautiful children through adoption. We would love to grow our family some more so I’m quite interested in the Adopt Without Debt book.

  32. Annie L. says:

    We love everything about adoption and can’t wait to start our own here soon!

  33. We completed our first adoption in December when we brought home our son and daughter from Russia. Now with six children between the ages of 5 and 10 we’re starting to climbing out of the “survival mode” and settle into “normal” family life. It has been challenging but honestly it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. We’re very thankful God called us to adopt these children. 🙂

  34. ooooo both books looks so wonderful! We have adopted 5 of our 6 kids and are trying to save up for the next one. Adoption is marvelous! What a ride we have been on and we wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love your website and your books. Thank you for the time you put in to them.

  35. Adoption is affecting my life but will more profoundly in the future. We are waiting for approval from Rwanda for a little girl. We’re hoping this summer we will bring her home but it’s a wait we’ve been waiting for a while now!!


  36. I have four adopted children. Each has brought unique gifts and challenges to me as a mother. I have learned something about myself from each of them – letting go of perfection, to be more compassionate, to enjoy the simple pleasures, and now I am learning from my fourth to love myself so I can love others. I feel we are “done” but we’ve only been home 5 months with our last so who knows.

  37. hoping to be a future adoptive parent. expecting it to come via the foster system.

  38. We are on the infant waiting list. I would love to have at least 4 children, older or babies.

  39. Valerie says:

    I have been blessed by adoption by adding our 3rd child through adoption. It changed my life.

  40. I would love a little humor and “real” in my life right now with 5 adopted and 1 waiting in China. They taught me more about myself then I ever knew. I couldn’t imagine life without any one of my precious kiddos.

  41. Kim Hamilton says:

    I am the happy mother of five – two biological and three adopted. One was a special needs infant – who turned out to have no special needs and the other two adoptions were foster care adoptions. There are so many precious children waiting for families. These children present some unique parenting challenges but they are so worth it and we are so blessed to have them. I really want to read the No Biking in the House Book. I’m surprised my boys haven’t tried that!

  42. Lisa H. says:

    We have 7 children….3 bio and 4 adopted. One of the best aspects of adoption has been the insight I’ve gained into how God loves me and has brought me into his family, through so many parallels to our adoption journeys with our children. Lots to think about there! I’ve been wanting the Melissa Fay Greene book. I read an excerpt on Rainbowkids and loved it!

  43. we have children of our own, but we hope to adopt in the future. As many other families, our “concern” is the cost of adoption (being a single income family)…but we know that all things will work out, because God is faithful

  44. I have seen several family friends adopt and am also hoping to adopt in the future.

  45. Patsy Lanoue says:

    I wished we had heard of these when we did our last adoption We tried everywhere to get help and the last thing we did was get a loan. Would love to adopt again but money is the problem. We have adopted 6 so we know how much it has gone up since our first adoption.