…seems to be swallowing up alllll of my time this week, what with chatting with friends, eating extraordinary Mexican food, signing books and — yes —  speaking about balancing time while homeschooling, and saving money at the grocery store. Although a few of my sentences meandered haphazardly, I was reasonably coherent most of the time.

I’m having a great time meeting people and admiring babies. Here’s Dana, convention coordinator extraordinaire, cuddling a sweet little one.  Olahoma is full of great people, if my experience here so far is any indicator.  (However, they do have an inordinate number of country music stations on the radio.  Seriously.)

I found a surprise or two to bring home — I MISS my family! (Even the dog.)  I am looking forward to meeting lots of people tomorrow.  Then it is two more presentations of the same talks on Friday in Tulsa– looking forward to meeting you, Tulsa people!  Saturday morning I head for home, arriving in Boise only an hour before our newlywed daughter Erika, who is almost is done with her semester as a student in Chile.  We will be so glad to have her home.

I will be glad to be home as well.  But for now I am off to bed.  Hope your week is going well too!


  1. Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow (Fri) at the conference in Tulsa. Yeah!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to lunch with us. I really enjoyed both of your presentations. You did great. I plan to type up my notes on the grocery savings for some young Moms that I know. Thanks for being so real, on your blog, speaking, and in person – same person shining through all. Blessings


  3. Sooooo proud of you! Not that I have a claim on you… =) Just proud to call you ‘friend’. =) xoxo

  4. I enjoyed listening to your sessions today at the Tulsa convention. It was great to meet you.