How to write a great SAT essay

(This was first published in October, 2009.   Feel free to add additional info and links in comments, below.)

I spent half an hour this morning googling SAT essay tips and thought I’d share the best links I found just in case any of you have student studying up to take the SAT next fall.



  1. Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Thanks!!!! Just shared them with my 16 yr old!!!

  3. I had a question. In my last SAT, the essay topic had something to do with whether authority is always right.. and i used a political example. Could i be penalised for taking a political stand. By saying an authority made a mistake?
    Nervous and scared now!

  4. I noticed that you didn’t include the site that is number one on Google for SAT Essay which is I can’t be objective because it’s my website but I thought I might suggest that you include it.

  5. Thank you! I teach SAT Verbal prep in a Baltimore HS, this list just cut down on my own time googling!