Wedding in Chile: a few more favorite photos

Photos by David Shirk of Unplugged Photography and Israel Shirk of Avalanche Photography.  (Shirk family photo by moi)


  1. How lovely you all look! Congrats to Erika and Israel.

  2. What is the amazing building where the kids are embrassing at the top of the stairs?Architecture and the sunlight hitting it are beautiful.

  3. They are just the cutest couple! truly a wedding for the storybooks – setting a high standard for rest of the girls. Just joking – don’t want to compare one child with another because each of the Owlhaven owlettes seems quite individual

  4. I love the picture of them on the stairs. What great photography by all three of you!

  5. I love the last photo! So much character and beautiful architecture – what a wonderful place to be married. Did the rest of your family feel left out because they couldn’t be with you?

    • Crystal,
      Yes, that was the hard thing about the faraway location. But we totally respect and understand the couple’s wish to do something different, and we will no doubt be celebrating more when Erika returns home to Idaho at the end of the month.