School has gone exceedingly well today. Thus there is no explanation as to why I am doing my best impression of cooked spaghetti in the corner of the couch at the moment. And scheming a trip to the grocery store ALONE of all things.

Did you know that such desires cause me great guilt? If I took a child or two, we could doubtless have an actual conversation or two. (Cue butterflies,  smiles, laughter, warm fuzzy feelings.)  And I do love my children, really I do. Nevertheless I selfishly want to go alone.

I am sure any number of people would support such a notion.  Moms need to decompress after all.  Come back refreshed, better for it.  Except I signed up for this gig and with the numbers of people who need me I am not at all sure I can justify skipping off alone for the second time this week.  Bah.  I may go anyway, guilt or not.

I actually think I am going thru driver’s ed withdrawal.  The hour of 6 AM was miserable, but something about have an hour to myself every morning was utterly lovely, and I am missing it.  Only problem is, I’m not in love with the idea of getting up early for no other reason than alone time….

My little girls have been on a Little People kick lately.  They currently have Fischer Price people and houses spread all over the living room, and have been happily playing pretend for the last hour.  Good thing I didn’t give away those sets last month in my bedroom declutter frenzy.  It is sweet to heard them playing together.

I am cooking beans today– beans and rice for dinner, with tortillas, sour cream, and cheese.  Haven’t figured out lunch yet, but am leaning towards homemade mac and cheese.  That is a nice 20 minute project.  Update:  the beans just burned to the bottom of the pot– I saved most of them by quickly tossing any not sticking to the bottom into a fresh pot, adding water, and turning the heat way down.  It remains to be seen if a smoky flavor will linger, or if they escaped unscathed.

This morning while listening to my 6 year old reading me Bob books, I spent half an hour on a cool website that gives conservative movie recommendations and filling up my Netflix Queue.  I immediately forgot the name of the website I’d found so helpful, but thankfully I had the good sense to like it on Facebook and just now went to look it up.  It is called  Here’s a screenshot of our Netflix Queue at the moment.

Not sure if all of the movies on this list will be watched by everyone– a few may be prescreened before they get to everyone.  But it is fun to have some new movies that look like they might be acceptable for general viewing.

I am off to scramble together some lunch, and  work on my grocery list.  Hope your Thursday is good!



  1. I love, love, love my kids, but I do need time alone or I get a little nuts! The temptation is to stay up late, but that always results in me being a less than loving mommy the next day. The quiet morning or an errand alone helps me be a better mother, but I know all too well the guilt that weighs on us. Be free! Run to the store alone and love every minute of it. You’re a great mom and your family knows that well.

  2. Thanks for the movie review recommendation! That’s very helpful!! Another that I like is — it’s run by Focus on the Family and I like that it gives me enough information on each potentially offensive category that I can make an intelligent parental decision about what is right for my kids!!

    As for going out alone – if you don’t get to go out to the store, perhaps a quick walk out in your backyard? Sometimes just a few minutes of fresh air helps to clear my mind!

  3. Oh, thank you for the website recommendation! I was just thinking the other day that I needed something like that to help me make good movie choices for my boys!

  4. As a “rule” grocery shopping is Mommy time. Occasionally I’ll take my daughter (who enjoys it for about 20 minutes), and rarely I’ll take my son (who would rather stay home and play outside.) That’s my one trip a week that is mine. Don’t feel guilty. Go. :0)

  5. Thanks for the movie reviews. Sometimes the best review is from people you know and trust.
    Just took my 12 year old daughter, 18 year old daughter, and 13 year old granddaughter to see “I Am Number 4”. All of us are huge fans of Alix Pettyfer and have read all the Alex Rider books (huge books for students in England) and love the movie Stormbreaker that he is in.
    Read the movie reviews on this one. While there were two little girls in the audience containing 12 of us, I don’t think this is for little children. Some parts are scary, there is mayhem galore, and the aliens looks’ are a bit creepy. Good wins in the end—but getting there is definately PG13.
    That being said, we did enjoy the movie and thought it was a good fit for this young actor.

  6. I also like to grocery shop alone. I do find I forget less and spend less, which are good things. I do feel a guilt though when I leave and find myself rushing to get back. Sometimes I feel like since we chose to have a large family, I need to always be “on”, I can never do something selfish like go to the store alone. I know that is silly but I do feel that way. My husband enjoys his time with the kids too so I really need to quit stressing about it but that is a mama for you, always feeling like we should be doing more!

  7. I don’t know if I look at grocery shopping as “Momma” time, but I know that if I have one or all three with me – my stress level goes through the roof. It is soooo hard to pay attention to my list, check prices, check labels, watch my purse, stop the kids from arguing, tell the kids no they can’t have that candy, chips, snack, etc, etc . . . and making sure my kids are with me and not being abducted by some crazy person. I know I over think everything, but if I am by myself at the store, I am SO much more calm and I almost always get out in half the time! So NO I don’t look at it as being selfish, I look at it as being a better Momma – since I am not losing my temper with the kids, because I am stressing too much!!!

  8. I made an unplanned stop at the grocery store today when I realized I had all the kids in the car – including the 16-year old, which meant I could leave them in the car and go in alone. I was only planning on getting about three things, but I confess, the “alone” was so nice that I took my sweet time and grabbed what I needed for the week.

    Alone is good. It makes us better at the times when we’re not alone.

  9. I tend to spend less and do my coupons better when I shop alone. So I see it as a financial advantage to doing it alone. 🙂

  10. Jabber Jaws says:

    I completely recommend and encourage you to watch Waiting for Superman. I think it is an excellent documentary on public education. Even though you home school, your children will interact in life with the “public.” It was a wonderful movie that really, really made my 13 year old think about the right and privilege of education. I loved it too even though I sobbed, really, at the end.

  11. I only have two children and rarely get time to myself. I can only imagine how difficult it would be for you! I certainly am a frequent sufferer of “mom guilt” but you have to keep reminding yourself that you can be a better mother when you have some alone time. I am actually grocery shopping tomorrow, kid-free. Once I am at the store, I tend to mosey around looking for great deals. I find it incredibly relaxing. Then I come home, refreshed and ready to play with my kids. So take your time and enjoy being by yourself!

  12. I watched the Ritchie Boys last week and it was quite good but the last few minutes contain graphic footage of concentration camps. I wound up skipping the last little bit. So, you will want to pre-screen before showing it to, probably, any of your children. That said, it was really worth watching and I think you can get a lot out of the first 90% of the movie.