This week, rambling

This is the time of year that rolls over me like an avalanche, with a million things to do. And, of all things, we are adding a new puppy to the mix this year.  Two weeks ago our other dog got sick and died– some kind of auto-immune thing that sometimes doesn’t respond to meds, said the doctor. It was tough and very unexpected.   She was only 7.  John has been scanning the newspapers and the pound for another dog, and we found one! Click over to his blog if you want to see more of the newest member of our family. She is 5 weeks old, will be coming home in a week, and we are excited.  I’m hoping I’ll still feel excited in a couple weeks. Am hoping for few doggy accidents and a quick truce between the puppy and the momma cat and her 3 kittens, all of whom will be in the house til it gets warmer. (Are we insane??)

I am running a 2.5 mile race in two weeks, a fact which also seems a little insane. I’ll write more about it soon. (Remember, all my running posts show up partway down in my sidebar.)  Running has been going well, though the snow this week has made indoor running necessary– much less convenient than just stepping out my front door and going.

Speaking of snow– it is crazy here!  It snowed about 10 inches yesterday.   Five kids and I each spent an hour shoveling in the morning.  The living room was damp with wet snow pants and gloves and coats afterward.  Then about the time things got dry and I had hopes of putting everything away, the kids decided outside was where they needed to be again.   They made a huge snow fort in the front yard– I’m guessing it will be the last bit of snow to melt on our property, there’s so much snow mounded up.

Christmas program practice started at church last night–it’ll be every Wednesday and Saturday til the program on the 19th.  The kids always look forward to extra time hanging out with friends.  With any luck I’ll sneak in a bit of Christmas shopping while the kids are occupied.  Today we spent the morning with friends decorating candy houses– always a Christmas highlight for the kids– not bad for the moms either as we chat, drink coffee, and nibble choice bits of the kids’ goodies.

I’ve been meaning to mention the neat blanket that my little girl got for her birthday!  It has a sweet floral pattern on one side, and the flag of Ethiopia on the other side– ultra-soft, ultra-cozy.  It was made by my friend Jamey.  She began making these blankets because she wanted her Ethiopian-born daughter to have a cozy blanket that would honor her heritage. They’re really neat, and she will make one for any country, so go check out the link if you’re interested in something like this.

I’ve been working on my gift bags, have finished the girls dresses, and got the wreath painted, so I’ll have to show you those projects in a few days.   But right now I’ve got to run make dinner.  Since most of our calories today were pizza and candy, I’ve decided to make a nice big Chinese chicken salad.  Yum!


  1. Yeah on the puppy! Yeah on the race! Love the blanket!

  2. Oh my goodness, I’m sorry about your dog. Our dog,Rosa, had something that sounds similar exactly 2 years ago. She survived it but only because we live very close to Alameda East Animal Hosp. (from Animal Planet) whom worked on her night and day for a week. She required 4 units of plasma and tons of other things. My kids college fund did not survive it however and my folks (original owners of Rosa) helped as well.

    I love the blanket, she looks very proud of it!

    Good Luck on your race and with all your furry kritters getting along.