out of sight…

It is getting near the end of the month, and as I sat down to pay bills this afternoon, I peeked into my wallet to count exactly how much grocery money I had left for the month.  $48 with a week left, and tons of food still in the house.   No problem.

As I was tucking the money back into the wallet, I folded it wide open, and was surprised to find a $50 bill.  From last month, I immediately realized.   I remember sticking it there, but apparently it slipped my mind after that.  So last month when the visible money was gone, I’d quit buying.  And so instead of going $2 over like I thought I had, I was actually $48 under budget for August.

Sweet.   I think I like this envelope system.


  1. A couple weeks ago, I stopped at a local produce stand for some tomatoes. When I opened my wallet to get out some cash, I found a $100 bill I had set aside a few weeks before. I had completely forgotten about it! What a nice surprise…wish I did that more often!!

  2. I love the envelope system as well. Whenever I have that found money, I think of my brother and his saying “Pennies from heaven.”

  3. Hey can you come to my house and see if you can find an extra hundred bucks? We were doing just fine this week until our one year old son turned blue and had to be taken to the ER.

  4. My poor envelopes don’t have any extra cash. Our 1 year old son has decided to suddenly have a man’s appetite and Im trying hard to not increase the budget. We’ll see!

  5. I love it whaen that happens, sadly too rare an occurance in this house. Still I will prevail! i think
    love what you post and share leran somthing each time I come.
    Have a blessed sabath

  6. We’ve used the envelope system since we got married — it was some of the best pre-marital advice our pastor gave us, along with living on one income (and using the other to save for a house and pay off our car loan). It’s so freeing to know exactly how much you’re spending, and it’s way less tempting to go over budget!

  7. I need to put this into action starting this week – my grocery spending is through the roof and we only have 3 kids. I ran way over my normal grocery spending so this week, I’m really trying to use up pantry and freezer items and plan to do some baking to fill out the kids lunch boxes (vs the purchased snack items that usually stock their lunches). thanks for the great idea – using my debit card just is not keeping me discplined enough in grocery store!

  8. Good going! And I know it’s hard to stay on a budget. The stores do whatever they can to entice you to spend more money.

  9. That’s awesome! Every once in a while something like that happens to me and it makes me feel awesome! LOL!