I feel your love that surrounds me
My world can shake but it won’t drown me
‘Cause I’m trusting you
No matter what I’m going through

I’ll make it through ’cause I believe
That even when my heart breaks
And everything’s shaken
I’m left alone in the rain
You won’t, you won’t, won’t
You won’t let me go
When life’s insane
And everything’s crazy
You carry me through the pain
And you won’t, you won’t, won’t
You won’t let me go


  1. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE a copy of your playlist. 🙂 My 13DD and I listen every Sunday then add it to our wishlist on iTunes. Trying to save enough songs to burn a CD for the car. LOVE your taste in music.
    Thank you for making Christian music cool for my fashionista daughter. 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliment– my kids help me pick on Sunday mornings but if its on my blog, you can be sure I love it too. There’s soooooo much great Christian music out there!