Lessons from a momma kitty

We’ve had such fun watching our momma cat, both in person and via the Kitty Cam.   It has been interesting to see her instinctively move into the momma role, and do a great job at it!  My job as mom is more complicated, of course, but her mothering behavior has reminded me of a few good mom rules.

1.)  Check on your kittens when they squeal, even if you’ve just left the building.

2.)  Once you’ve made sure there’s no blood, allow a bit of scuffling, especially between brothers.

3.)  Nap together, even if you occasionally end up with a kitten sleeping across your neck.

4.) Expect your kittens to walk on you now and then, BUT….

5.) …feel free to take a break and walk away when they get too obnoxious.  They’ll survive, and you’ll be a better momma after that 5-minute nap under the minivan.

6.) Remain unruffled if you accidentally sit on a kitten now and then.  Kittens are resilient.

7.) In fact, keeping your cool in most circumstances is a good goal, even when your kittens are squalling.  They’ll calm down quicker if you’re calm.

8.) Speaking of squalls, almost any kitten-squall can be quieted by the offer of food.


  1. I’m smiling thinking of myself and moms all over America literally taking a 5 minute snooze under the minivan! Maybe not a bad idea after all, at least until the kids get hip to your new spot.

  2. good lessons indeed – just watching kitty cam – momma cat is taking one of those breaks from the babies.

  3. mmmmm- I like this! tumbling NOW!

  4. Nice!

  5. SO funny! I have more in common with that Momma cat than I realized!

  6. cute. momma cats do have a cool serene queen mojo, don’t they?

  7. I’ve got the kittycam on my desktop. What a super idea! Thanks for sharing

  8. Love it! I will remember to have a nap under my van, when I need it 🙂 I will just have to be careful that my 19yo does not drive away while I am snoozing!

  9. We have 3-week-old puppies at our house, and I think these rules could have been learned from Momma dog too! But, I hadn’t thought of putting the lessons into words. So glad you did!!!