My baby

My youngest composed this song herself. It deals mainly with her love for horses and her disdain for the cows which her parents have chosen to raise instead.  Don’t miss the grand finale.

Guitar girl from Mary Ostyn on Vimeo.


  1. LOVE IT! And I think cow are stinky too 🙂

  2. Hee heeeee!

  3. My older girls & I got a kick out of the vimeo! Have enjoyed your blog for quite a while & just purchased Family Feasts a couple of days ago with birthday money. 🙂 You did a nice job putting this cookbook together. Looking forward to trying out some new recipes!

  4. Too funny! She’s right, though.

  5. She’s an artist. And right. Cows are stinky!

  6. Did I hear right she thinks cows are stinky!. laff i couldnt stop you have a grat daughter there.
    <<< leaves chuclin'

  7. Did I hear right she thinks cows are stinky!. laff i couldnt stop you have a grate daughter there.
    <<< leaves chuclin'

  8. I love the huge grin at the end! Kids are so funny. My four year old has been making up songs. They are usually about Jesus and a mix a phrases she gets from SS.

  9. Oh my goodness, she is adorable. And that smile. Beautiful!

  10. Oh man, the look on her face at the close of the video SLAYS ME. She is adorable. And so creative!

  11. Kimberlie says:

    Precious! Cows are stinky, but I miss the stink that we used to smell in the air when we lived in WI. Maybe one day she’ll get her horse. 🙂

  12. How cute!!! My 2 year old danced to her song,and we’ve played it several times as he said and signed at the same time more, more. He signs and talks more when he is really excited. It’s a hit at our house. Thanks for sharing!

  13. So adorable! Especially the big smile at the end. 🙂

  14. So cute – and I agree with her all the way.

  15. Oh, my stinkin’ heck! She’s adorable. Cows *are * stinky.

  16. Very cute:)
    My four year-old niece creates songs too. We walked to the store the other day while I was babysitting. She sat up on my shoulders and sang a song called, “My family loves me and gives me hugs and kisses”

  17. Good point about the cows. 🙂

  18. Adorable :). She has a nice voice.

  19. oh my! cuz cows are so stinkyyyyy! heart it.