Bliss this week

  • We started our summer schedule for school.  The kids will still be reading an hour a day.  Some kids will be doing math as needed, and some will be finishing up science.  BUT instead of getting up at 7:30 or so, we can sleep in til 9.  Yeah for summer!
  • We went to the library today in the pouring rain.  Walked out 45 minutes later into drizzly sunshine with bags full of books.   The kids were in bliss. Yeah for the library!
  • For lunch I made crab salad: imitation crab, lettuce, sunflower seeds, grated carrots, grated broccoli stems, feta cheese, ranch dressing.  And we had strawberries!  Yeah for yummy fresh food!
  • I sat down and actually managed to finish the socks I started knitting months ago.  My tootsies are in bliss!  Yeah for cozy socks on rainy days!

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  1. I’m SO impressed with those socks! You are inspiring me to finish the project I’ve been dilly dally-ing about far too long now!


  2. Pretty socks! You are inspiring me to get out that hat and needles again 🙂 And yes, we are so excited for the slower days of summer, in 17 more days.

    Our summer is only a month long and we’ll spend it playing, reading, doing math drills and exploring this amazing place God has given us for a season 🙂

  3. Pretty socks! I haven’t learned how to ‘turn the heel’ yet, but someday I hope to slip my toes into hand-knit socks.

    Sleep until 9 in the Summer? the best part of garden time is before it gets too hot outside.

    • Never fear! We’ll be hitting the garden by 10 every morning– with the numbers of workers we have, 30-45 minutes is long enough– and if anyone gets too hot, it’s time for the pool after that. 🙂

  4. I lurve the library! Fantastic place. I have a feeling this summer will be another one of fighting with my 15yo to read instead of play on the computer – because no, reading blogs about video games does NOT count as reading – but at least the library offers many wonderful choices.

    Cute socks. My knowledge of knitting only goes as far as it takes yarn and needles…

    • I know the struggle, Sandi! My kids think I’m mean because they have to read an hour to get 30 minutes of computer time.

  5. I’m at the library right now! Off to go check out books for my summer reading too. Life without the library would be very sad!

  6. The socks are very fun and very impressive.

  7. I really like those socks!

  8. ChristyH says:

    Did you knit those socks? I knit socks all the time. Do you know ?

  9. A great summer rule that works at our house is no electronic time until after 5pm. This eliminates the arguments about how many minutes each child has used and leaves the whole day for chores, reading, biking, and actual talking.