Book Review: Faith Path workbook

Awhile ago I was sent a copy of the book Faith Path Workbook: Helping Friends Find Their Way to Christ by Mark Mittelberg.   The book describes different ways that people think about faith.  Some people take a logical approach.  Some are very emotional.  Others are experiential.  You may be thinking of people right now who fit into these various categories.

The premise of the book is that sharing your faith using a person’s heart-language will help you reach them more effectively.  And knowing your own ‘language’ will help you identify the way that you tend to think, and the way you tend to approach people.  As a person who loves to figure people out, I found the book quite interesting, and spent much of the book mentally tagging people I know!

Essential to own?  Maybe not.

Worth reading?  Most definitely.

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  1. It is always good to set aside some time to spend thinking about this important topic! Thanks for sharing.


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