poor over-used delete button

I’ve been frustrated lately with my picture-taking skills, especially outdoors in changing light. I deleted 3/4 of the 800+ pictures I took on vacation because frankly, they stunk.  Granted, I’m stubbornly insisting on shooting in manual and that is not easy.  But still, I feel like I should be better after a year of shooting with my SLR.

This week my sister mentioned to me that the community college offers continuing ed classes in photography.  I was excited, looked into it, and signed up for a 4 hour portrait photography class this Saturday.    Should be interesting– I’m excited!

Speaking of (good) photography, here’s the picture Israel got of all of us right before we  headed home from the coast last week.  He’s on the right, with Erika, having quickly slid into the shot after setting the timer.   Gotta love the look on the 5 year old’s face!  Major pouty bottom lip!

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  1. Have fun in your class. And please post some pictures.

  2. I love the composition of this shot.

  3. Are you seriously shooting on all-manual? I NEVER do that. I shoot mostly on the p setting and the aperture priority setting. Trying to manually set shutter speed and aperture is too exhausting for me, especially because I shoot moving objects (children) most of the time.

    Have fun in your class! I’ve never taken a photography class before, but always have wanted to.

    • Yeah, I am making it harder than it really needs to be, aren’t I? I figure the only way to really master this thing is to shoot manual. But makes for lotsa junk pictures! 😛

      PS– I sometimes switch over to aperture when I REALLYREALLY want a one-chance shot.

  4. This picture is beautiful. Full of personality.

  5. What a great shot and a beautiful family!!

  6. a pro told me one time to not shot with windows BEHIND the subject.

    now if he would have told me how to shot with me in FRONT of the window instead WITHOUT casting my shadow on the subject LOL

    Another tip is to have the flash on, it slows the shutter and gives a better pic

  7. I love this photo! The family in the center looks like a heart to me. A heart that branches out. Nice!


  8. Perhaps the Ostyn Christmas photo 2010!?

    Can you imagine if we eager amateur photogs had to shoot with FILM to learn? Yikes, the expense!

  9. I always always always shoot in manual. Even the day after I got my first DSLR several years ago. It is the only way to get good shots. Shooting with an SLR on auto is a waste of money, because then it is just a point and shoot that is heavy.

    I this this back lit shot is awesome. Have fun in your class! And do share some of your assignments!

  10. Also, NEVER shoot with an on camera flash. It looks terrible in portraits. Bump up the ISO, or get a strobe that fits into the hotshoe at the top off the camera to bounce light. On camera flashes will ruin your pictures every time, IMO.

  11. Mary~
    You are sooo blessed!
    It was wonderful to get to meet you, and your beautiful children today. It was our first time skating and we will definitely do it again. God bless you~