Keeping hands busy

This week I spent three mornings doing standardized testing with four of my kids. It is required that kids have a parent there as a proctor, but most of each three hour session they don’t need much help. That left me with quite a bit of time on my hands. Here is the start of the scarf that I worked on this week. I don’t know how many of you know how to knit, but this pattern turned out to be so easy that I thought I’d share it for whoever might be interested.

I made it with Red Heart Super Saver yarn, like you can find at any Wal- Mart.  (Sorry, I don’t know what thickness, but it is not especially delicate yarn.)  I used thick needles–US 13 — which gave the pattern a nice airy look.  This scarf is about 5 inches wide. On these big needles it is going very quickly, and the ribbed pattern has a nice puffiness to it that makes the yarn feel softer.


  • Cast on 19 stitches.
  • Row 1:  k2 p2, k2 p2, k2 p2, k2 p2, k3
  • Repeat this (k2 p2 to the last 3 stitches, ending with k3) for all subsequent rows until scarf is the desired length.

Easy pattern, eh?   I am enjoying making it.

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  1. Think I may have to hit walmart and pick up some yarn.

  2. I love knitting and have a separate blog for it 😉 I like Hobby Lobby and Michaels for yarn especially now that my local yarn store just had to close…sad times. Your scarf looks very pretty, love the color.

  3. Pretty color. It looks like regular ol’ worsted weight yarn, for anyone who is wondering about the thickness.

  4. Looks like 4-ply, aka worsted weight. Pretty color.

    My usual choice to crochet a scarf is Bernat yarn, which is a bit more $money, but has a softer texture.
    I do love Red Heart for aphgans, cuz it is so warm and goes through the laundry nicely.

  5. I love the color and I love to knit, too! It’s a great way to do something useful in small bits of time — like sitting in carpool, or during music lessons. And the joy it brings the lucky child to receive it!