Books, books, books!

I’ve had a terrible time lately finding time to do book reviews!   In an attempt to catch up on months of neglect in one fell swoop, I’m going to tell you briefly about each of the books I’ve gotten recently.

E is For Ethics contains several dozen short stories about various ethical dilemmas and include discussions of virtues such as honesty, loyalty, and compassion. I’ve read several chapters out loud to my kids at lunch time. In each case the stories were interesting conversation starters. Since the book is not faith-based, I do think the book just begins the conversation. I can’t talk about ethics without talking about faith too. But I did like that the book has given us a reason to talk about a variety of topics.  Bonus: here’s a link for a free coloring book that goes with the book.

I got The Colors of Grief from Tapestry, an online bookstore that specializes in adoption-related books. It took me awhile to get around to picking up this book. Frankly, it is a tough topic, and not one that I tend to be ready to focus on at the end of a long day.   However, when I did pick this up, I was soon reminded of just how important this topic is to our adopted kids. They have experienced great loss–yes, even the ones who came to me as preverbal infants. And the more I understand and acknowledge that loss, the more compassionate I can be in my dealings with them.

Head First 2D Geometry is billed as a way to give a non-math-oriented kid a boost up in understanding geometry. The lively illustrations are reminiscent of a comic book— actually, if you own any of the Tightwad Gazette books, that’s the style of this book. Lots of stories, lots of pictures. It is definitely a livelier explanation of geometry than I’ve ever seen. This book looks to be a great boost to a kid who struggles with math but really needs to get through geometry.


I will be giving away a copy of each of these books. In comments, tell me which of these books sounds most interesting to you, and next week I will pick one winner for each.

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  1. I have a non-math-oriented son who writes/illustrates his own comic books so the Geometry one sounds fantastic!

  2. Any book on adoption sounds great to me. I have 3 adopted and 2 bio kids and it’s been a struggle with attachment disorders for years. We also homeschool so the Geometry book would help with learning disorders!

  3. I would especially be interested in the adoption book, though the ethics book sounds interesting, too.

  4. I would be interested in the math book!

  5. The ethics one sounds good!

  6. E is for Ethics sounds like a winner.

  7. I’d love the book about grief/adoption. We’re waiting for court dates to bring home our toddler daughter.

  8. The Colors of Grief would be a great resource I could share with other foster parents and foster to adopt parents at my agency. AS a foster parent and homeschooler, I’m always on the lookout for new good resources. Thanks for the reviews.

  9. E is for Ethics sound good to me because I teach first grade and could use it in my classroom. Thanks for a chance to win.

  10. I’d like to use “E is for Ethics” to start some conversations with my five little-ish ones! 🙂

  11. E is for Ethics sounds like a fun way to talk with the kids about establishing values in such a tough world!

  12. Definitely the Colors of Grief. I’m almost through the other two attachment books you recommended and would love to read this – will check for it at our library even if I don’t win!

  13. I’d love to read Colors of Grief. We’ve been thinking about adopting for years, and we’re finally getting close to being able to move forward and start the process.

  14. Oh, I’m always looking for math helps. Please put me in the hat for the geometry book!

  15. The E for Ethics book sounds fascinating! I have been wondering how to start teaching that to our little ones.

  16. The Colors of Grief looks like a great book to read. Even though my children are young and don’t yet realized what it means to be adopted some day they will have to deal with the grief that comes with adoption.

  17. We’re in the process of adopting from Uganda, so the Colors of Grief most interests me!

  18. E is for Ethics sounds interesting.

  19. Definitely the geometry book!

  20. I’d love the Colors of Grief. We have a son adopted from Russia and we are in process of adopting again (from U.S.) so this book would be very relevant for our family.


  21. Ethics, but if I won the adoption one I would a. read it and b. pass it on to one of the many families I know with adopted children. I don’t doubt it can help those even not directly involved with adoption.

  22. I would love to have E for Ethics. I have sixteen yo and six yo homeschooled daughters and I think that this would lead to some interesting conversations.

  23. I would love to read the Colors Of Grief. We adopted our son from the foster care system. He came from a very chaotic, neglectful home and is now starting to process and ask questions.

    By the way, a while back you posted a link to a birth story on enjoythesmallthings blog. I have to say not only have I read the story multiple times (each time with tears, both happy and sad) but I have continued to follow her writings. She is very inspiring, to say the least. Thanks for posting the link!

  24. ethics, please.

  25. The ethics book sounds like fun…we have read books like this before…always gets a good discussion going. But boy, the Tapestry website is fantastic! I had no idea…I am going to search through this site as soon as I find a minute. What a great all in one site!

  26. I’d love the geometry book. I tutor a young homebound student and will probably pick up another student next year (high school level). I am very right brained and I bet the math book talks about geometry in the way I would prefer to explain it!

  27. Melissa Einersen says:

    I would love the book E is for Ethics. I’m always looking for great stories to help teach lessons to my girls.

  28. E is for Ethics. I like the idea of conversation starters to teach my daughter (20 mo right now) right from wrong.

  29. I would love the adoption book. We brought our daughter home from Ethiopia as an infant, and we are about to start another adoption. Thanks!!

  30. The colors of grief sounds like something I’d really like to read…now to gain perspective & later to be reminded! We’re currently in the process of being licensed for foster care, have two biological kids (3 & 5yrs old) & plan to adopt through the foster care system. Initially our goal was ‘only’ to adopt but are feeling called to serve the foster care system beyond just “trying to get OUR kids”…so we’ll see what our adoption journey ends up looking like…

  31. Melanie in KS says:

    I would love to win the Geometry book. It is new enough that our library won’t borrow it via Interlibrary Loan. I have a student in our homeschool who could definitely benefit.



  32. We are sdopting through foster care–almost done with our homestudy! I am looking for good books about adoption.

  33. Jan Surface says:

    The Colors of Grief would be my choice. Our youngest is adopted through the foster system and is starting to really ask questions about his birth family. We are in process of adopting again, but this time a slightly older child. I have no doubt I could learn a lot from this book. Thanks!

  34. E is for Ethics or Colors of Grief. I have two adopted older kids from Ethiopia. I’m not going to lie – hardest thing I’ve ever experienced.

  35. Not only have the two children that entered our family through adoption experienced loss–but our older five children experienced the loss of their brother Sam when he was 10 days old. My son who is now ten, was four at the time. Old enough to know something bad happened, but not able to really understand. Sometimes I think he is stuck. Thus, The Color of Grief would be my choice.

  36. E is for Ethics sounds like a great conversation starter with my kids and the geometry book sounds interesting for one of my boys.

  37. Sue from Buffalo says:

    The math book sounds like it would be very good. The ethics book sounds even better. (I have 2 teenagers plus younger).

    Thanks for having this drawing, Mary. : )

  38. My daughter would do really well w/that sort of geometry book! I may buy it if I don’t win it here! 🙂

  39. Colors of Grief sounds so interesting as 4 months ago we brought home 9 year old twins from Haiti. We know there will be many issues, but trusting God for the wisdom to work it through.

  40. E is for Ethics I will buy this if I do not win! I will use it in my classroom and with my son as he gets older. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Kimberlie Meyer says:

    Oooohhh! E is for Ethics. I am going to buy this too if I don’t win.
    Thanks for posting the reviews!

  42. Would love the geometry for my sons!

  43. The Ethics one sound like it would be a great conversation started into areas we might not often discuss. I would love it!

  44. Ethics please. Who doesn’t enjoy a lecture starter?

  45. When my 15yo son was just 7, he lost his father. I’m trying to become a foster/adoptive mom as well. I think both groups would benefit from the Colors of Grief.

  46. I want to say the adoption book, but my heart is so heavy much of the time, seeing so much of what hurts in the world, that I think I will say geometry. Funny that to me a geometry book is an uplifting read. Ha ha!

    I agree with your point that you cannot have an ethics (or anything) based conversation where faith does not play into it. It leads us as well.

  47. The adoption book sounds like something we desperately could use around here! We brought home our youngest, from Ethiopia this summer. He is still (at 1.5) a pre-verbal infant, but one with significant eating issues. We find our selves getting to our last nerve of frustration and then someone will remind us that it comes from grief, and we’re back to empathy…but the cycle keeps going. I’d love to read a book that could help us lean on the empathy side more and more as we help him with his food issues.

  48. I would love the E is for Ethics book. I have been trying to teach my almost five year old about compassion and patience, especially when it comes to dealing with his little brother.

  49. I would love to get the E is for Ethics book. I’m stuggling right now with my 8 year old son. We did alot of spoiling when he was younger and I’m really trying hard to turn this around. I think we could both benifit from the teachings in this book!!!

  50. Shannon says:

    As an outpatient therapist, I would love the “colors of grief”. I enjoy tapestry as well. Thanks!