Tim Tebow and the Super Bowl ad

I just discovered a great blog called Man of Depravity.  The most recent post shares some interesting links about the controversial Super Bowl ad featuring Tim Tebow.  The ad, sponsored by Focus on the Family, is getting much negative press because of its clear pro-life stance.  I say hooray to Tim Tebow for fearlessly telling his story and standing up for what he believes.  One fact that I didn’t know til today: Tim Tebow was home-schooled.  I just had to include the picture.  Double-click, and you’ll see John 3:16 written under his eyes.  Thank God for strong and courageous men.


  1. Tebow rocks. Did you know that each week he has a different scripture written on those? I always keep my bible handy so I can look up the ones I don’t know. Most of us (yes, I’m speaking to myself here,) aren’t nearly bold enough and should take a page from his playbook, so to speak.

  2. Tyler has a fascinating blog. I’m glad you found it! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    • Both of you are too kind. Thanks for linking to me and for taking the time to praise an athlete worthy of it. If only he didn’t play at Florida…. 😉

  3. Here is a thought-provoking, must-read article regarding Tim Tebow and the ad.


  4. What is MOST amusing in the uproar over the Focus on the Family ad –people haven’t SEEN the ad yet and are sure it is degrading to women or other such nonsense. Hooray for those who stand up and don’t let secular world values cloud what is Truth.

  5. I am so thankful this ad will be run! Had abortion been free and legal when i was conceived I , my 3 children, and 8 grandchildren would not be here….

  6. I’m strongly pro-choice but everyone has the right to their opinion and I respect that. I would just expect that everyone be just as open to a pro-choice commercial and respect that opinion as well.

    Mary, I think I’m the opposite of you in terms of political and religious views, however, I love your blog because of that different viewpoint.

    • Dear Katie,

      Thanks so much for writing. I also appreciate reading different viewpoints. It broadens my world!

      Have an awesome day!

  7. I am also in support of this type of message, especially for the audience that the ad was to run for (men are often the ones who encourage abortion).

    Now having seen it last night, my feeling is the pro-life message got more press before the Super Bowl than the commercial gave during it. In reality, it was a good commercial, but didn’t go into the details of Tim Tebow’s story, merely provided some vague information from his mom and a link to Focus on the Family website.

    Hopefully, it was enough to make a difference.

  8. ks sunflower says:

    I, too, am ardently pro-choice which is why I do not mind if others chose not to have an abortion. I chose not to have one myself after I had been exposed to measles while student teaching.

    However, my personal choices are just that. I hope no one truly believes that their personal religious or spiritual beliefs are better than anyone else’s in this country where religious freedoms are guaranteed for all of us (and many denominations within even the Christian religion vary on this issue because none of us can truly understand all the factors that my push someone to seek an abortion. That decision has to be, in my opinion, between a woman, her conscience, and her doctor with input from her husband (or the man who impregnated her as long it is not a close relative or stranger who raped her).

    I commend you and your readers for their civility on this issue, because of the strong personal opinions on all sides of this issue.
    Religious values and spiritual beliefs are extremely and intimately personal.

    However, apart from religion, I would add, however, that I find it inappropriate for that ad to have been run during a sporting event. Men constitute the largest portion of the audience. They do not bear the responsibility of carrying the fetus or risk the health consequences of pregnancy. That ad would have been more acceptable if run during televised events where women constitute the majority of the audience. Even then, why would the network reject opposing viewpoints in earlier Super Bowls and then change policies – perhaps the price was finally right.

    Still, as I said, I chose not to have an abortion – just as Tim Tebow’s mother chose not to have one. That is the point: informed choice. The right to make whatever decision your heart, your reason/circumstance, and your spiritual values convey to you.

    Thank you for a civil and interesting discourse. It’s why I like this blog so much. Respecting others is a reflection of how much you respect yourself.

  9. Mary, I follow your blog and I like it very much. I’ve never posted a remark before, but feel compelled to post in response to your piece on Tim Tebow and the Super Bowl ad. I am ardently pro-choice, and agree with KS Sunflower’s post. My fervent support of freedom of religion and the freedom to worship as one sees fit, or does not see fit, is as strong as my belief that abortion should remain legal, safe, and a choice that a woman makes. Whether CBS should have run the ad or not is really not the point. The point, for me, is women’s reproductive freedom. Thank God for religious and reproductive freedom.

    As an aside, I have your cookbook, and I like it very much. You’re an ace at pulling together good meals for your family that don’t break the bank. Good for you!

  10. Hi Mary,

    Tm Tebow is our home town boy and yes, he was home schooled and played football at the local public high school, as I understand, Nease High School on Ponte Vedra Beach. I am glad they ran the ad – much ado about nothing – for if advertising for products like erectile dysfunction and KY sexual products are run during the prime time hours when my children might be in the room and I have to dash to hit *mute* – then what the heck is the BIG DEAL about a mother who chose not to have an abortion? Of course I heard all about it, etc. but I did not see the ad as I don’t watch the Super Bowl. But, regardless. ALL the messages targeted quite specifically to us and our children via advertising and television programming through network, cable and even, yes, people’s precious “PBS” (as though PBS isn’t, in fact, TV?) rather irks me when compared to an ad like this. Everyone KNOWS abortion is safe and legal even if half of the population think it is the ending of a human life. My opinion is that if television constantly broadcasts so many of the ads that I find uncomfortable and offensive to my children during children’s potential TV hours…then what in the world was the big deal about a pro life message from an NFL player’s mom? I mean, I have had to MUTE the TV during the 8:00 cable news shows so my kids don’t ask, “mom, what is erectile dysfunction?”

    I love your book too, Mary. I will write about it one of these days, for the 30 readers who come by my blog every day, probably half, by accident :-). But I do love it. It’s like having my mother right there in the kitchen with me, so perfect and basic, because as you know – -> I don’t much like the art of cooking. But your book makes it EASY TO FOLLOW and seems to just make the whole task, easier to take.


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