The new math

Our new Teaching Textbooks computer math program came a couple weeks ago, and I am completely loving it. Setting it up for multiple kids on one computer was a bit tricky– basically you create user accounts on the computer for every kid and install the program into each user.   But once we got all that straightened around, the program worked wonderfully.

Each lesson contains an audio lecture, practice problems, and a lesson containing 20 problems.  Graphics accompany every description, and there’s a full explanation of every problem.  That way if kids get a problem wrong, they can immediately see and hear the solution for the problem.

My kids who grew up in America listen to each lecture just once.   My girls who came to America in 2007 do each lecture 3 times before attempting the lesson.  The repetition helps their comprehension of math AND  English– a real bonus.

Before, using my old math program, I spent at least an hour each morning checking and rechecking math for multiple children, not to mention all the time I was explaining the same concepts over and over to many kids.  Now all three of the kids doing 7th grade math are computer-taught and computer-graded.  All I do is peek in the grade book (also on the computer) when they’re done to see how it went.

The computer  math only goes through 7th grade.  My son doing pre-Algebra (the next grade up)  gets to listen to a lecture on the computer, but his math is then done on paper. I grade it, but it’s still quicker and with better instruction than what I was doing before.    Teaching Textbooks is adding 3rd grade math this summer.  When they do, I will be snatching it up for my going-into-3rd grade daughter!

This computer based math give more more time to listen to kids read– hugely important.  And– bonus– now that I’m spending more time listening to kids read, I actually have a bit of time each day to knit.  (I’ve found that staying busy with something  like knitting or peeling potatoes really helps me stay happier and more patient while listening to early readers.)

Love the new math!!

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  1. Do you get a special gift from them when we order? Cause I just did. My 6th grader happend to still be reading when she heard me playing with the online samples. She loved going through the entire lesson. She is our excellent reader that hates math. She happily went through the whole lesson. Wow…so thank you! I hope to tell you in a few months that she finally likes math…here’s to hoping!

  2. For Algebra and beyond we’ve moved to the VideoText program. It’s not computer based, but DVD, and I love it for many of the same reasons. Plus, I was not excited (or doing very well at) going back and remembering how to do upper-level math. My first set of two in the same grade are still little (in first), so book-based math hasn’t been too onerous. But I’m going to stick this in the back of my head for when they get older.

    Thanks for the tip about knitting and slogging through early reading. I’m going to try this because I, too, tend toward impatience with early readers.

  3. We LOVE TT. My oldest son is doing TT7 and I just ordered TT5 for my middle son. It’s a great thing for this non-math minded mom!

  4. I have been reading reviews lately stating how TT is too “easy for my engineer minded child” (but “suitable for my moron kids”?). I have an math/science kid who does very well with TT, and happened to have been bored to death with Saxon. I think TT is a great program, and just because it’s well written and easy to understand doesn’t make it “too easy”. It makes sense, and I think people are spring loaded to think that math has to be hard to be good.

    I’m so glad that you are liking it. We have been loving it here for two years!

    • Christine says:

      My boys are math-y (both woring a year ahead of grade level) and TT is not “too easy” for them either. It isn’t organized the same way as Saxon–the placement test is a must–but once my guys were in the right level, they found it a reasonable pace of work. And they like it. Nothing like a boring program to turn kids off of their strong suit!

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more and staying busy while listening to early readers. I have 2 right now and sometimes it is painful and I find I want to jump in on the hard words to make it go quicker. That math sounds great, I wish I had had that when we were homeschooling.

  6. Wow, sounds like a neat program. I only have preschoolers now, but I will keep TT in mind for when they’re a little older. I grew up with Saxon myself, and it worked, but it was…boring. REALLY boring. And it took me for.e.ver. to finish those 30 problems by the time I got to algebra. I hope to spare my children that agony. 😉

  7. Oh, I hear you on the busy hands! I’m the same way when I’m helping my kids with something like piano practicing…I’m much more patient if I fold laundry while helping. lol

  8. We’ve been loving this program for my now 7th grader for the last two years. It is the first program she has done without whining and says she really understands math now. We had tried every other program and I was so frustrated. Wish they had the 3rd grade prorgam out right now for my 8 year old – she can’t wait until next year to use it for fourth grade.

  9. Thanks for the review – I was hoping you’d do one. My son is only in Kindergarten and we signed him up for K12. Great program, but not for us. We started on Time 4 Learning 2 days ago and have since signed up my Pre-K daughter and our 2 foster sons as well. They love it!

  10. I love teaching textbooks. We used the Algebra programs. The only thing that I found lacking was some f(x) notation that is used quite a lot on the SATs. Other than that, I think it is a fantastic program. I think they should have something like this available for public school kids to refer to when they don’t undertand a concept that’s been taught in class.

  11. multi-taskingmom says:

    THANK YOU for this review Mary! This is one of the programs we are looking at for next year. You just pushed me over the edge to getting it 🙂

  12. Just bought Teaching Textbooks for my two oldest kids! We recently went from a family with two kids to a family with 5 kids all in the last 3 months… including two toddlers that came to us from Haiti only 3 weeks ago! I was trying to think of ways to simplify our homeschooling now that we have added to our numbers. I hope TT will be a good fit for us. I was excited to see that your non-American born children are benefiting from listening to the lectures several times. I spend so much time explaining and re-explaining concepts to our 12 year old daughter from Ghana. I just don’t have that kind of time now! Praying that TT will be just the thing she needs to help her with her math!