Spice cupboard update

I am very crankily plowing through taxes so that I can then plow through the FAFSA twice in a row — once for each of my college students. Thus I leave you with a post from my husband, showing you the wonders he worked in my spice cupboard. Now it is even better than when I showed it to you last time!

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  1. Your storage areas are beautiful. My spices are not at all so neatly arranged.

    When youngest son and I were both at the community college taking classes (living on one workingman’s wages) as an older Returning Student, I qualified for $$ aid, yet the kid did not. The paperwork to figure all of it was quite a learning experience.
    Fingers are crossed for your younguns to qualify.

  2. That is wonderful! Kudos to the hubby!

  3. Mary-

    About those FAFSAs. When you complete the first one, and get to the “Congratulations” page, scroll down just under the box. There’s a sneaky little link that asks if your parents need to complete the FAFSA for another student.

    Click the link!

    Then, you only have to add/update the information for your second child. YOUR information will be pre-populated. This should save you some time and headache.

    Unless I read your blog too late to help. :/


  4. That is such a neat idea! I have a lazy suzan, but I generally have to play catch as spice bottles fall out at me when I’m grabbing for something other than the spice that is coming my way! I love the idea. My gears are turning!!

    “Oh hubby! Get your tools ready!! Now where did he go?” 😉