A good man

I call him at the tail end of his shift at work. “Wanna meet me at Pier One?”

“Sure!” he says, a smile in his voice at my surprise invitation. He got me a gift card for Christmas and he’s been wanting to take me to spend it.  This evening most of the kids are practicing for a play and it seems like a good time to shop.

John arrives at the store a few minutes after I do.  I’m hoping to find some fun dishes to jazz up my food photography. John takes over the supervision of our 5 year old so that I am free to wander and look without worrying what she’s up to. Now and then he calls my name, and holds up a plate or a bowl he thinks I’d like.

When our daughter gets a little too lively near the breakable stuff, he takes her to the other side of the store so I can look around a bit more.  I end up with a small selection of vibrantly colored plates and bowls, which I happily bring to the check-out.

He enjoys my pleasure over the new goodies, carries the bag out to my car, and shoe-horns our daughter into the car seat for me.  This evening I have our son’s little red 2-door, since he’s driving siblings home in the van.   John would rather see us tucked into my usual two ton tessie, the 12 passenger van, so he reminds me with extra seriousness to drive carefully.  Then he follows me home.

Back at home the wind is gusty, icy.  I park my son’s car at the end of the driveway, then struggle to peel my daughter, her booster seat and my new dishes all out of my son’s tiny car.   Just as crankiness is rising within me, John arrives, leaves his car in front of the house, hops out, and unburdens my arms from my load. Within a minute, he has us ushered into the warm house.

“I’ve gotta put my car away in a minute, but I wanted to get you girls inside first,” he says, smiling.

His hand lingers warm on my back. I relax at his touch and think about the many, many times he does the thing that is less comfortable for him, in order to give me what is more comfortable.

Sometimes it’s buckling a child into a car seat.   Getting up to pour me coffee.  Making pancakes. Going to work when he’d rather be home. Working on a project that’s higher on my list than it is on his.

He’s a human, not a saint.   There are moments when he growls and grumps at me over the frustrations in life.

But I never have to doubt where his loyalties lie, or what he would do for me.  I always know he is watching out for me first, treasuring me most, caring for me always.

A good man, he is.   I am blessed.

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  1. I have a husband like that. My one friend calls him a Saint and I laugh. I tell her, he’s not really. But like you, I am blessed and am very grateful.

  2. What a great post. Knowing that no husband is perfect, it is to sweet to focus on the positive and praise them when they knock our socks off with kindness.

    It warmed my heart.

  3. You and I are both blessed!

  4. Christine D. says:

    I just teared up. Thanks for the lovely glimpse into your lives.

  5. Thank you for this post, Mary… what a wonderful man he is!

  6. Yep – believing in that admonition to love your wife as your own body as Christ loves the Church. Very tender and sweet – and great dishes too! A good man IS hard to find and you have definitely found one.

  7. That made me cry a little bit also. My husband is so much like that. People often ask me, “How do you find the time to…?” The answer is always that my husband does more to help with our children, our home, me, my gifts, and my interests than other husbands I know. It’s quite humbling. I better be doing more than some others considering all the support and help I get – I should be doing more than I do. To whom much is given, much is expected.

  8. One of my all-time favorite posts of yours, Mary! I love hearing about other husbands that do what mine does for me more times than I can count. You have a treasure. Thanks for letting us see into your relationship for a moment.

    By the way, the dishes are lovely as well.

  9. We’re empty nesters, so I don’t need help with the children any longer. But today I called him at his office and said “The culverts are blocked and the stream is flooding the garage” He was home in 20 minutes. I like that.

  10. what a great post – Fun dishes, and a thoughtful gift! I am also blessed with a husband who gives gifts of himself. I am so grateful for him, and all the good men out there!

  11. This is simply beautiful!

  12. I love the pictures of you two. What a sweet tribute. I’ve got a good one too.

  13. The pictures of you as a couple are so sweet!
    Our local mall took away the photo booth a couple years ago. It was such a fun time whenever anybody wanted to sit in there.

    Dishes for displaying your cuisine efforts. I like how your mind works. And a husband who agrees to shop at Pier One is a gem 🙂

    Our last few “dates” have been to choose plumbing fixtures for the kitchen sink and the pipes behind the washer. I, also, am Blessed.

  14. I have a John like that too. I’m blessed and thankful to have a good man and to have such a good role model for my 4 boys.

  15. Man, I gotta get me one of those? I have a wonderful man but you are truely blessed.

  16. Precious. I’ve got a good man too – so very blessed!

  17. you are so inspiring. from this young newlywed with hopes (& LOTS of prayers) to adopt someday…this post was the perfect reminder that with intention, faith, & unending grace (only from GOD himself), LOVE truly does win 🙂

  18. Where’s the “like” button? 🙂

    You got yourself a good man there! 🙂

  19. I am so thankful for my Good Man. Thanks for sharing about yours.


  20. I think John and I have grown more in our marriage in the last 3 months than in the last 20 years, because of what we are going through with my health.

    We are blessed. We are truly lucky to be this blessed.

  21. You are blessed, indeed! With a happy marriage, and a good husband, anything is possible. Great photos, too. 🙂

  22. awesome. I have one of those men too. thanks be to the Lord!

  23. How sweet! Thanks for sharing! We’ve been married for nearly 2 years and my husband sounds a lot like yours. We are blessed! 🙂

  24. He definitely is a good man. You paint a lovely picture of your life. It is inspiring. Thank you.

  25. Thank you for sharing that wonderful story. He is good man and you are a wise woman to appreciate him for it. I have also been blessed with a good, loving husband and I thank God everyday.

  26. Are there any more left like that where he came from? 🙂

  27. Maybe there is just something about husbands named John ( : Thanks for painting such a lovely portrait of how it feels to be loved. Good men are such a blessing- your post made me appreciate mine a little bit more today!

  28. Thank you for reminding me that I, too, have a good man. Thank you.

  29. Oh, so beautiful Mary!!!

  30. Eliane Chan says:

    So wonderful ! May God keep blessing your marriage and your family !

  31. I like this. 🙂 It’s a good story of what love really looks like.

  32. Stephanie Blanchard says:

    Love it! I also have a good husband that is all I could ever dream of having. I love hearing about good relationships. So often we only hear about the bad ones. ((HUGS))

  33. I often think of what a good man John is as I watch him in action. We women must be aware of the wisdom of catching our men in the act of being good men, and appreciating them. It’s a mistake to take good men for granted. Thanks for this example. I hope John’s mom reads this.

  34. I loved reading this story and I had to share my “good man” story. Last night, my husband who is not the touchy feely sort and not an animal lover by any means, drove down our country road in the dark, picked up one of our pet cats who had been hit by a car, brought it back to our yard and buried it. Then he came in and gently comforted our nine year old son who was completely devastated, offering to help him make a cross for the burial site. After working out in the cold all day (he’s a farmer), this is the last thing he wanted to do but he knew how much it meant to our son. Even though it was a sad time, you just can’t beat moments like that!

  35. You are indeed blessed…and thank you for reminding me of my wonderful blessing of a husband! Reading that just reminded me of all the things my husband does for me! (He’s gonna get an extra smooch when he gets home, thanks to you!) 🙂

  36. LOVED this- I have a good man, too. 🙂

  37. Ah, Mary! What a perfect post. Thank you for sharing your heart and appreciation for your husband. Yes, a good man he is – and a good woman YOU! Praying God’s sweet and abundant blessings over you and your beautiful family! With JOY, Amy in OR

  38. That is so sweet. I am actually tearing up- what a blessing! I have a man like that- always does what he can to make my life easier. What a wonderful, wonderful gift!!