30-Minute One-Dish Meals

Curried Rice with ShrimpRecently myrecipes.com featured some recipes from my cookbook.  Check them out if you’ve been wanting to preview my book.  It was really fun for me to see what the food stylists did with each dish.  They made the food look sooooo pretty–it made me wish that a food stylist lived at my house!


A recent review from Epicurious: Books for the Budget-Minded Home Cook


  1. I love your Family Feasts for $75 a week. My library just ordered it for me. I am thrilled you have a NEW book coming out soon!

  2. You mean your meals didn’t look like that? Mine did – NOT!! I do have to say, looking at the pictures does make me want to try the pepperoni soup though! I continue to LOVE your cookbook. I made the stuffed braided bread for an xmas even get together and it went over really well (and your pizza rolls which are now a regular in our home). I ended up making it again with leftover xmas ham during the week for just my family and again they loved it! You have a NEW book coming out? I must have missed that announcement!! I enjoyed watching you on Comcast – took me a bit to find it, but once I did it was fun to see you “in person” haha! Nice job! I made the french toast strata for New Years morning and loved it!

  3. not only does the food look yummy….would you look at that orla kiely ware from good ol’ Tar’jay. ;o) love it!!

  4. Sorry– post-writing at 1:30 AM does not make for clarity. No new book yet. The link above is FAMILY FEASTS recipes. I shared the link for people who don’t have the book yet but would like to try some of the recipes. FYI–I also have some recipes here at Owlhaven, but there are tons of new ones in the book. Probably 80% of the recipes in the book are NOT on my blog.

  5. I went to the site and the beef stroganoff spoke to me! I made it for dinner tonight for the family! Yummy! Thanks Mary!

  6. LOVE the book!! I got it a couple of weeks ago. Next week I am trying 2 recipes from it. Can’t wait.

  7. Crystal M. says:

    Just had to stop by and say that I made the Mexican Tortilla Skillet from your book and we all loved it. Even my picky 5 year old ate his all up (after giving his green peppers to Daddy, of course!) Oh, and I actually just made the rice cooker oatmeal on Friday morning… not as big of a hit for my boys (not fans of oatmeal – so not surprised by their response) but my hubby loved it and I enjoyed it as well. I am so glad that I checked out your blog and bought your cookbook. Thanks so much for sharing!