Project: Craft Week

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Last Friday while dragging the whole crew through the school day, I abruptly decided that life could be a lot more fun than it currently was. I wasn’t quite ready to call it Christmas break– Dec. 4th seems a MITE early. But I needed something to restore a little energy to this dragging mama and her cranky kids. And thus I declared this week a craft week. No regular school– just reading and crafts.

KnittingMonday was a yarn day: we knitted and crocheted, some with round looms

Tuesday was clay day: anything you could make with clay was on the docket.

Wednesday was plastic string: the kids made boondoggles, aka gimps.

We’ll see what the rest of the week holds, but we’ve all enjoyed a slower schedule and some time to do things that typically don’t fit into our normal day.


  1. Sounds like a perfect week to me! Enjoy 😉

  2. Tammy in Germany says:

    We finished up our classes last week and this week has been get the house in order week. Plus a few fun things like making snowflakes and more decorating. We are also doing a ton of Art that seems to always be forgotten, kwim? Next week is baking week..I’m so excited!:) It’s fun to change things up a bit, isn’t it? Have fun!

  3. What a great week of activities. We are doing light school and lots of crafts and baking for the next few weeks.

  4. How do you contain the mess? And how do you manage to do these crafts with a wide range in ages? I’d love to have craft week here but with three kids ages 8 to 7 months, I struggle finding something that works for them that doesn’t involved tears, frustration on the 5 year old’s part or a disastrous mess. Any ideas?

    • Lisa here with 6 9 months to 10 years.

      That wee little one will have tons of fun in the highchair.
      5 and 8 are great ages for craft type projects. Let the 5 year old try offer up encouraging suggestions. Use a wee paint brush and a community glue dish.

      All of my children can usually knit by 5 thus far. My 6yo is glued to my side and if you learn to teach them now in a few years your children will be willing helpers and crafts people.

    • I pretty much resign myself to a disastrous mess, actually. You should see it! But it is temporary, and the kids help come cleanup time.

  5. Sounds like a lot of learning going on your house this week–measurement, weight, density, strengthening fine motor skills, making predictions, just to name a few.

    Learning is fun!

  6. Isn’t this the great thing about homeschooling? Living life at the pace that works, adapting when it is needed, and finding every possible ounce of joy. Enjoy your holiday.

  7. Sounds like a great week! I still have very young ones (3 and almost 5) but would love to start teaching them knitting/crocheting. Which do you think is easier for them to learn when they are little?

    • My 7 year old can finger crochet. A 3 year old is still a bit young for knitting or crocheting, I think, unless they are MAJOR coordinated and patient. Bead stringing is actually what my 5 year old did on the ‘yarn’ day.

      • I did Knifty Knitting with my younger ones and they busted out a few hats this week. They couldn’t seem to grasp crocheting, but Knifty Knitting was perfect for them!

  8. We take the month of December off! This leaves time for decorating the house, making crafts, going shopping, baking, etc…

  9. I love that! We are “off” for the whole month of December for kind of the same reasons. I just want everyone to be able to ENJOY Christmas time! We are reading more and doing crafts too- fun!

  10. Is it wrong that I am so comforted that you also have to “drag” your children through the school week?

    Sometimes I despair, but then I remember it’s pretty normal.

    Great ideas.

  11. Love the peg looms. I went above and beyond the plastic ones, and ordered wooden frames some with smaller pegs and center-to-center measurement so I can use finer strands of yarn.
    My nice warm hat in holiday colors gets sooo many compliments, and I have 5 little hats ready to donate to the newborn nursery at the hospital.

  12. You are a homeschool mom, so I thought I might tell you that today’s 8th grade ART class in a public school was used ‘wisely’ by putting beads onto strings and learning how to braid Friendship Bracelets, while the movie UP was playing on the SmartBoard screen.

    “My” group of students were on task, so I pulled my crochet hook and yarn from my tote bag and put two rows on a potholder.

    The potholder was completed by end of day, so I handed it to the office assistant when I signed out.

    Oh yes, our tax dollars at work, paying my TA Sub wages.