What a girl wants (under $40)

cast-ironOK, in the midst of pondering the perfect gifts for each of my kids– a tall order indeed– I decided to be totally frivolous and share links to a few things that have caught my eye this Christmas season. Feel free to add links to other fun items in comments, K?

My Funky Camera Strap they’re all cute but I esp. love the Cherry Blossoms with Orange and Whimsy Blossoms.

Bread Beckers Foot long bread pans. I NEED these. Or at least I really really love them!

Rush of Fools Every song I’ve really loved on Pandora lately has been by this group.

The New American Chef: Cooking with the Best of Flavors and Techniques from Around the World This book looks interesting!

And so does this one! Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day


And not on my list, but something to consider if there’s a cook on your shopping list: a good cast iron skillet. Cast iron is wonderful for cooking all sorts of things and it is so much tougher than teflon. I lovelovelove my cast iron. I use it on my flat top stove, and love that I can stir with any utensil without hurting it. It makes a lovely brown crust on food and works great for stir-frying.

I bought mine in the camping department of our local feed store. Thrift stores and ebay are also good places to look for cast iron, as sometimes people don’t know how to season them and get intimidated and give them away.

By the way, seasoning is super easy. Wash well (no soap– but you can use any kind of scratchy scrubber) and wipe with a light layer of shortening. If your skillet is unseasoned, bake for an hour or so around 300. If it has already been seasoned, just wipe lightly with shortening every few washes and put it away.

OK, now I’d love to hear what’s caught your eye lately. Just for fun, can we limit the list to the under-$40 range?
PS– If Family Feasts for $75 a Week happens to be on your wish list, check out this post at Money Saving Mom. She’s giving away 5 copies today!


  1. I bought a cast iron double griddle on Amazon with free shipping! I think that’s the only way I’d want to ship cast iron 😉

    I made hubby a list for him and the kids to shop from, with items cheap enough that each of 4 kids could pick one. It shouldn’t cost more than $40 total! Some decorative, yet useful, kitchen accessories that match our color scheme and have scripture on them, from Meijer. A precious moments musical water globe – $10 at Walgreens, if he gets it this week. And a coffe mug with lid and one of those mug/jar candle warmers to sit it on.

    Aren’t I a helpful mom/wife?! Hee, hee 😉


  2. I’ve been dying for a cast iron skillet for about 10 years. No one has gotten the hint yet. Hmph.

  3. J. Johnson says:

    The one item I’ve been wanting is a potato ricer – I saw one at Meijer for $20 (or was it $15?). In any case, I’ve seen them used on cooking shows, and they always catch my eye. Something I don’t really need, so I don’t buy it for myself, but it is something I would like to have!

  4. Just a quick note to say that Walmart has all kinds of sizes of preseasoned Lodge Logic cast iron pieces for very reasonable prices.

  5. I want a camera strap from this etsy seller: http://www.etsy.com/shop/madebymeegz Same as funky straps but you don’t have to pay extra for the quick release or the longer length. Her print colors are delightful!

  6. I had wanted a cookie press for a couple years, and this year I found a nice one. http://www.kitchenhaven.com/page/100/PROD/pastry-accessories-pastry-cutters-biscuit-cutters/14865 $38.00

  7. ok, this is over your $40 limit…but i still want it. 🙂 i love the longness (?) of it.

  8. If I was a girl… I’d probably want some power tools. Maybe a really big hammer and something that needed implosion too 🙂

    Probably a good reason why God made me… not a girl.

  9. Mary, My husband bought our bread pans years ago from a restaurant supply grave yard. That’s what he called it. I guess it’s a used restuarant supply house.
    Anyway, he bought a set of bread pans used at a commercial bakery. They came hooked together, in a group of 5. He took them to a welder to cut apart. We shared 3 with family members. These are the best pans you’ll ever use. Perfectly seasoned and huge! When I make bread in these I don’t have to worry about bread for a while because the loaves are so big.
    What this girl wants? I truly can’t think of anything. Maybe a good haircut. I am blessed.

  10. Sue from Buffalo says:

    What I truly truly want would cost nothing. Zip. Nada.

    A whole day to myself…with the kids being watched by someone I totally trust…


    How about a soak in the tub with candles and peace and quiet. lol

    Some day…


  11. I’m pretty simple, I saw this somewhere (not sure???) but it’s on my “list.” It’s a grater, just like the ones that have been around for years (which I still use) but it has a rubber bottom on it so you can grate without having to do it on a cutting board or plate or whatever, just grate and transfer it to the bowl or pan or whatever! Haven’t seen one in person yet but I’ll bet BBandBeyond or kitchen stores will have them.

  12. Hi Jan, Ikea do a good tool like that – it’s an oval plastic box with a lid, and with two graters which fit in place of the lid. So you can grate a whole block of cheese, for example, use what you need, then snap the lid on and keep it for later…

  13. Allison Reynolds says:

    I looked up those bread pans on the website, but I am unsure of what they are made of. Can you tell me that. Thanks and I love your blog! Allison..