Reviews: music, movie, and book

I’ve got several interesting things I wanted to tell you about. Maybe Christmas ideas, maybe just something to do with your family this weekend…but all worth a mention.

First of all, I wanted to mention the John Waller CD, WHILE I’M WAITING. I LOVE the entire CD, but I especially appreciate Our God Reigns Here, the song I featured on mySunday post this week. Great stuff on this CD– very encouraging.

Next, I wanted to tell you about a movie our family enjoyed a couple weeks ago. It is called FAITH LIKE POTATOES. It tells the story of a white farmer who moves his family from Zambia to South Africa, where they try to build a new life amid drought and racial tension. I loved that the black Africans in this story were portrayed respectfully and that the white farmer was able to forge meaningful relationships with them– not at all the norm for white farmers in this movie. As you might expect by the title, faith in God is also central to the story.

The movie is family friendly except for a truly horrific tractor accident that was very distressing even to the adults in our family. If your kids are under the age of 10 or so, be ready to fast forward through that scene– it is heavily foreshadowed, so you have plenty of time to get hold of that remote. Other than that scene, however, the movie is wonderful. Intriguing, inspiring and full of believable characters, it’s the best movie my family has seen since City of Ember.

The final item I wanted to mention today is the book GOSPEL POWERED PARENTING. I first saw a review of it on Tim Challies’ blog. I found this book to be full of excellent, Biblically sound parenting advice. Set standards and hold kids accountable for their actions, but in a grace-filled and loving way that continually points them to God. Worth reading, even if you’re an experienced parent. Be sure to read Tim’s review on Amazon– he’s a much more thorough reviewer than I.

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  1. We liked Faith Like Potatoes, too! (Except for the tractor accident part…)

  2. Jacqueline Strawder says:

    I loved Faith Like Potatoes as well…it was one of those movies the “stick” with you…

  3. I just purchased Gospel Powered Parenting and I am two chapters in! Loving it so far!

  4. Oh I want to read the book!

    I was wondering if you had posts, or could do posts, on adopting from Africa. My husband and I are interested in adoption but we have no clue where to start when we do start looking into it properly.